Networked VGA Grid User Guide
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Stream to a server

Your Networked VGA Grid streams to a server when you want to use a CDN or Multicast. .

By default, no server streaming is configured. See Stream to a CDN and Stream content using multicast for details on configuring one of these two options.

Publishing OptionsUse this option to...
Content Distribution Network

Stream web content to many viewers simultaneously to any geographical location. A viewer accesses the broadcast from a website using a user name and password, if required. Using a CDN to host your broadcast is highly scalable and makes financial sense to website owners since you do not pay for additional server hardware or routing should your network traffic increase or decrease.

Using a CDN to stream live content allows you to reach a large geographically diverse audience and because CDNs perform format conversion, the stream is platform independent.

You can control when streaming to a CDN is enabled by using the Admin panel. See Start and stop streaming to a CDN.

For more information about streaming to a CDN, see Stream to a CDN.

Multicast Streaming

Stream content to a multicast IP address where it can be shared with multiple viewers within the same LAN. All viewers receive the same stream at the same time. Similar to turning on a radio station where all listeners hear the same music at the same time.

This delivery method relies on network equipment that supports multicasting and is usually used in high bandwidth corporate LANs and not on Internet-based architectures.

This delivery method is useful for training sessions, when there is a specific timeframe when the audience will view the content. For more information about using multicasting for streaming your content, see: Stream content using multicast

This option can be used to stream video and audio to an IP TV or set top box playlist.

To stream video outside of your LAN, use a CDN or configure port forwarding on your router. Refer to your Network Administrator; network configuration is beyond the scope of this guide.

Streaming to CDNs and multicast streaming is available only when the H.264 codec is selected.