Networked VGA Grid User Guide
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Stream to a CDN

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) relies on geo-diverse CDN servers to receive and disperse web content to the CDN server closest to the user. The closer the server is to the user the faster the content is delivered. Streaming your content through a CDN allows you to stream any time, anywhere, regardless of the viewing device.

You can publish to any CDN provider that supports incoming streams sent via RTSP announce or RTMP push. Both RTSP and RTMP can be used for live streaming, however not all CDNs or media servers support both formats. Choose the streaming format that your CDN or media server supports. Epiphan has tested with the CDN providers listed here: Contact your CDN for a list of supported audio codecs and ensure your Encoding configuration uses one of the supported codecs.

To publish content to a CDN provider ensure you have:

  • a path to the mount point or an XML configuration file (provided by the CDN provider);
  • verify which transport protocols your CDN supports:
  • a current flash player; and
  • select the H.264 codec from the channel's Encoding page.

You can control when streaming to a CDN is enabled by using the Admin panel. See Start and stop streaming to a CDN.

You can also test how your content is streamed by sending your content to Epiphan’s CDN. For a list of Epiphan’s preferred CDN providers, see:

Use one of the following links to configure your Networked VGA Grid for publishing to a CDN: