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What's new in release 3.17.0?

Firmware release 3.17.0 is packed with new features for Networked VGA Grid. Features include dynamic overlay text in custom layouts, portable configuration presets, control for streaming and a brand new control interface – Epiphan Live!

New features include:

Epiphan Live

Epiphan Live is a new, intuitive and easy-to-use interface for controlling and monitoring streaming, recording and live switching using a PC, laptop or tablet.

Dynamic text

Users can now create new system-wide variables via HTTP API, insert them into their custom layouts as overlay text and update variables with a script for dynamic layout overlay text!

Refined streaming control

Precisely control streaming with ease using convenient start/stop streaming buttons in the Admin panel.

Portable configuration presets

Save system settings into portable configuration presets for backup and/or easy transfer of configuration settings to additional VGA Grid and VGADVI Recorder Pro systems.

Progressive MP4 and improved support for Adobe Premiere Pro

Choose to save recordings as progressive MP4 files for improved post-processing support using tools such as Adobe Premiere Pro. (Note that Adobe Premiere Pro does not support variable frame rate files, so small audio offsets are still possible when using it for post processing.)