Networked VGA Grid User Guide
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Configuration groups

The following table describes what settings are saved with each configuration group.

Configuration group definitions

Group NameSymbolSettings included in the configuration group

Date and time settings, serial port settings, remote support settings, custom disk check schedule, access passwords, deny/allow lists and LDAP configuration settings.

Network settings and tethering configuration.
All audio and video source configuration settings (including no signal images) except EDID settings, which are in their own group.
All channel configuration data and current recording state, all layouts, images used in layouts, streaming state, all recorder configuration data and current recording state, individual and global UPnP settings.
Automatic file upload type and parameters, including SCP/SFTP identity (stored in an encrypted form).
EDIDEDID settings for sources. (Applying configuration presets with this group automatically applies the included EDIDs. This process can take a while.)

Note that SFTP/SCP private keys are included (in encrypted format) in the automatic file upload preset.