Networked VGA Grid User Guide
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Connect a source

You can physically connect SDI, VGA, HDMI or DVI sources to the Networked VGA Grid at any time, either before or after the system is powered on. Similarly you can disconnect a source from a port and even connect a different source at any time.

Changing the source that is being streamed or recorded can result in the recording stopping or the stream frame size changing depending on how your channel is configured.

If the frame size changes, viewers may be disconnected and need to re-connect to the stream.

Connect sources to the following input ports on your system:

Cable and port connections

Source typeInput port
VGA, HDMI* or DVlDVI port (on a VGA Grid HD Encoder)
HDMI* or DVI HDMI port
audio Audio input port

* Networked VGA Grid only supports video and audio capture from HDMI content that is not HDCP-protected.