Networked VGA Grid User Guide
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Limitations and known issues

This section includes known issues or limitations that affect functionality or usability and ways that you can work around these limitations.

Important notes about upgrading from firmwares older than 3.16.0

  1. In release 3.16.0, configuration presets replaced the concept of backup files. These new files use a new format to accommodate portability between systems. As a result, backup files from previous versions (prior to 3.16.0) cannot be loaded on systems running firmware 3.16.0 or newer. Further, if upgrading from a release older than 3.16.0, all existing configuration presets are deleted during the firmware upgrade. Be sure to keep notes for any configuration presets you wish to recreate.
  2. As of release 3.16.0, streaming can be enabled and disabled independently from streaming credential configuration. If upgrading from a release older than 3.16.0, streaming defaults to enabled (started) until set to disabled.

Affecting encoding

  • Limitation: When audio is enabled on an SDI source where video is already being captured, it takes up to 15 seconds for the system to detect the audio. Once detected, the audio is properly synchronized with the video.
    Workaround: Start the SDI signal with audio enabled, or check to ensure audio is detected before streaming or recording.
  • Encoding with MPEG-4 sometimes results in poor quality.
    Workaround: From the channel's stream setup, increase the video bitrate to improve picture quality.
  • Video bitrate for MJPEG streams is larger than the configured value.
    Workaround: Verify the actual bitrate on the channel's channel status page when there are connected viewers. If lower bitrates are important, select another codec.
  • For VGA sources only, some wide-mode resolutions are not correctly identified and result in a slightly squished image (e.g. for a 1360x768 source, the detected resolution may be 1024x768).
    Workaround: This issue is related to the video source. Test your source to see if it exhibits the issue. If possible, avoid using wide-mode for VGA sources that exhibit this issue.
  • When changing a channel's source from a local encoder source to an external encoder source, it's possible to have an AAC audio encoding bitrate that is higher than the VGA Grid HD Encoder supports. The resulting stream or recording may be unplayable and you may encounter a warning about variable audio bitrate.
    Workaround: When changing from local to external sources, delete the channel rather than changing the source(s). Or, if re-using channels, ensure audio encoding bitrate for VGA Grid HD Encoders is set to no more than 160 kbps.
  • Recordings made with encoded streams from VGA Grid HD Encoders, using AAC audio and AVI file format are not playable via VLC.
    Workaround: Use another media player, such as Windows Media Player; choose a different audio codec; or save recordings as .MP4 or .MOV files.
  • The automatically calculated frame size for HD VGA sources is occasionally incorrect.
    Workaround: This problem is caused due to cable degradation or poor cable connection. Re-seat or exchange your VGA cable. If the problem is still not resolved, visit the Epiphan Pearl support page for a custom EDID to resolve the issue.
  • Audio is temporarily unavailable for up to 20 seconds while streaming and/or recording when the audio signal parameters (e.g. sample rate) are changed.
    Workaround: Refrain from changing audio parameters while streaming and/or recording. Any audio setting changes must be completed while the stream/recording is stopped.

Affecting streaming and recording

  • When switching layouts while streaming or recording it's possible to have a small number of frames (approximately 100ms worth) repeated in the stream or recording file, and over the same time period a small number of frames from the new layout skipped.
    Workaround: If dropped frames are problematic for your application, avoid the layout switching feature.
  • Streams and recordings at very low frame rates (e.g. 1 fps) are not playable in VLC media player.
    Workaround: Use an alternative media player, such as Windows Media Player and Quicktime Player.

Affecting the Admin panel

  • It is possible to name two or more channels with the same value. Use of automatic file transfer and UPnP is unpredictable if this occurs.
    Workaround: Ensure each channel has a unique name.
  • The automatic file upload (AFU) file queue shows a maximum of 15 files, Newer 15 and Top of the list buttons do not work. All files are transfered, even though they are not listed.
    Workaround: Wait for the queue to have fewer files in the list.
  • Saving layout changes in a channel's layout editor and then immediately navigating to a different layout occasionally causes the second layout to temporarily malfunction.
    Workaround: Wait 1-2 seconds after pressing Save in the custom layout editor before performing further actions on the page. If the error has already occurred, simply refresh the page in your web browser to restore the malfunctioning layout.
  • When deleting video or audio items in a custom layout and then navigating away from the page, the "Save" prompt does not appear, and layout changes remain unsaved.
    Workaround: Click the "Save" button at the bottom of the customer layout editor page to save all layout changes before navigating to a different page.

Affecting Epiphan Live

  • Navigating to the Switcher interface before the Dashboard monitoring panels finish loading any configured channel or source previews can sometimes cause the monitoring panels to display an error upon return to the Dashboard interface.
    Workaround: Allow the monitoring panels to load any channel or source previews before navigating to the switcher interface. If the error has already occured, simply refresh the page in your web brower to restore monitoring panel previews.
  • Streaming status on the Epiphan Live Dashboard interface does not include information regarding Wowza Streaming Cloud transcoder settings.
    Workaround: Ensure the transcoder in the Wowza Streaming Cloud web interface is enabled.

Affecting other areas

  • Due to changes in the way channel layouts are created, some HTTP and RS-232 remote layout commands are no longer available. These include values for setting the text overlay, logo, logo positioning, keep aspect ratio and no signal image.
    Workaround: Update your scripts to avoid using these commands. See the manual for a full list of available commands.
  • HTTP commands sent in quick succession are occasionally not properly executed, and may report incorrectly that they were executed.
    Workaround: For best results, add 1 second sleep or delay between HTTP commands.
  • On Windows 10, the Movies & TV app fails to playback AVI files using AAC or MP3 audio and fails to playback MP4 files with PCM or MP3 audio.
    Workaround: If possible, use another video playback application. If you require playback by the Movies & TV app, set your recording settings to use PCM audio if creating AVI files or to AAC audio if creating MP4 file recordings.
  • AFU status is sometimes inaccurately displayed in Epiphan Live and the Admin panel.
    Workaround: Perform occasional manual confidence monitoring/debugging on AFU queue to ensure files are being uploaded correctly.