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What is streaming?

After you have configured your media and channels, decided on the content and layout of your broadcast, it’s time to share your stream.

Standalone VGA Grid provides a number of options for streaming. Choose from methods for unicast, multicast, CDN, SAP, UPnP and more.

When streaming to a server, you can use Standalone VGA Grid's Admin panel to control when streaming starts and stops.

Choose a streaming option

Each method of streaming media has strengths and weaknesses depending on your audience location, hardware resources and bandwidth. To help you decide how to publish your content, you must first identify the number of viewers and how viewers will access your content. Are you streaming live video, or recorded video. Do you need to stream the content to one client (peer-to-peer), deliver a single stream to multiple clients (multicast), or provide web-based streaming where multiple clients can access the broadcast (Content Distribution Network).

Your Standalone VGA Grid can stream to individual viewers through HTTP, HTTP Live Streaming, UPnP and RTSP and can also simultaneously stream to a server such as a multicast server or CDN.