Standalone VGA Grid User Guide
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Restart recording

Recording files are automatically saved and new ones opened for writing when they reach the configured time or size limit, when the channel or recorder name is changed, or when changes are made to the stream.

You cannot download files from the system while they are being recorded, so from time to time you may need to close the current recording and restart a new one to facilitate file downloads. The system supports this through the recording reset option, which closes the current recording file and opens a new one without missing any frames.

To close the current recording and start a new file:

  1. Login to the Admin panel as admin. See Connect to the Admin panel.
  1. For a channel recording:
    1. Click the desired channel; the channel menu expands.
    2. Click the Recording link for the channel; the Recording page opens.
  2. For a recorder:
    1. Click the desired recorder link from the Recorders section; the recorder configuration page opens.

  1. Click the Reset button next to the stop button; the current file is stopped and a new one begins.
  2. Refresh the page to see the new recorded files list.