Standalone VGA Grid User Guide
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Apply the Factory default configuration preset

Your Standalone VGA Grid comes with a special factory default configuration preset. This configuration preset cannot be erased and is always presented at the top of the configuration presets list. It contains all possible configuration settings groups.

Using the Factory default configuration setting is similar to using the Factory reset method (see Perform factory reset) with a few important differences.

In short, the Factory default configuration preset is less destructive than Factory reset. This table describes the exact differences.

Factory default configuration preset vs Factory reset

 Factory default
configuration preset
Factory reset function
Deletes all created channelsüü
Deletes all recorded files in channels ü
Deletes all created recordersüü
Deletes all recorded files in recorders ü
Resets network configurationüü
Resets user passwordsüü
Deletes all created configuration presets ü
Deletes all branding files ü
Resets all Source settingsüü
Resets EDID to factory üü
Deletes all SCP/SFTP identitiesüü
Deletes all LDAP settingsüü
Deletes all Automatic file upload settingsüü

To apply the factory default configuration preset, follow the instructions in Apply the Factory default configuration preset and select the Factory default preset. A reboot is required.