Standalone VGA Grid User Guide
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Rename a source

Source names are used when adding sources to channels, therefore it is important that you know the name of the source you wish to use. If a channel has only one source, the channel name will by default be the same as its source name and will update automatically when the source name changes.

Sometimes it's helpful to configure the source name to match the data it's capturing so it's clear what the channel is capturing too. Alternately you can change the channel's name. See Rename a channel.

To change a source name:

  1. Login to the Admin panel as admin. See Connect to the Admin panel.
  1. From the Admin panel, scroll to the Sources menu option.

  1. Click the desired source link; the source configuration page opens.
  2. Click the source name at the top of the page; the name turns red.
  3. Highlight and delete the existing source name.
  4. Type a new source name.
  5. Press Enter (on your keyboard) to save the new name.

You must press Enter to save the new name. The Apply button will not save the source name change.