Standalone VGA Grid User Guide
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Using the local FTP server

Once you have configured a local FTP server, you can use the tool of your choice to download files from the system.

The system stores files in a folder structure with a folder for each channel and a folder for each recorder. Channel folders are labeled video<channel number> (i.e. video3 for channel 3). Recorder folders are labeled videom<recorder number> (i.e. videom1 for the first recorder). Channel and recorder numbers are displayed next to the name of the channel or sources in the Admin panel.

To get started you will need:

  • The IP address of your system (found in the Network configuration menu)
  • An FTP tool
  • The username and password for your FTP user (See Configure the local FTP server)

In the example below, the IP address of the Standalone VGA Grid is, the username is admin, there is no password, and the Windows command line ftp utility is used.

To connect to the FTP server:

  1. Open a command window on Windows (alternatively open a terminal window on Linux/Mac, or open your FTP utility of choice).
  2. Establish an ftp connection using the command: ftp
  3. Provide the username: admin (provide the username of your FTP user).
  4. Provide the password: (provide the correct password for your FTP user); the connection is opened.
  5. Use the dir command to see the file structure.

  1. Use dir or your tool’s GUI to look in each folder for recordings.
  2. Use get or your tool’s transfer mechanism to transfer files to your computer.

  1. If enabled in the FTP configuration page, delete the file after downloading it by issuing the delete command, or using your tool’s delete mechanism.

If the delete command is not enabled, attempting to delete a file will result in an Unknown Command error.