Standalone VGA Grid User Guide
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User types and privileges

Standalone VGA Grid's three user accounts are admin, operator and viewer. The user account names cannot be changed and the accounts cannot be disabled. By default, none of the accounts have passwords.


The admin account is used for all system configuration. This user has access to all options in the Admin panel.


The operator account allows users limited Standalone VGA Grid configuration control.

If an operator does not have the privileges to apply a particular configuration in the Admin panel, the Apply button appears grayed-out in color and is not clickable (as shown in the image below).

The operator account is intended for an operator to configure sources, control recordings (start and stop); rename, download and delete recordings; switch layouts while live streaming or perform network diagnostics.


The viewer account is for all end-users who are permitted to view the streamed channels. By default, when there is no password, users are not prompted for a username and password when viewing a channel. The viewer username and password prompt appears only when there is a viewer password set.

In addition to the global viewer account, each channel can set a viewer password that overrides the global value. See Restrict access to streams for viewers.

Current user

When logged in to the Admin panel, the current username is displayed at the top right corner of the screen.

User privileges

The following table outlines the privileges for each user:

User privileges in the Admin panel

Action or Menu Optionvieweroperatoradmin
View Channel Outputüüü
Channel Operations
View Channel Configuration üü
Rename a Channel  ü
Configure Stream Channel  ü
Configure Stream Sources  ü
Publish a Stream  ü
Configure Branding for a Channel  ü
Switch Layouts while Streaming/Recording üü
Start the Stream Recorder üü
Stop the Stream Recorder üü
View Recorded Files List üü
Rename Recorded Files üü
Download Recorded Files üü
Delete Recorded Files üü
Source Operations
View Source Configuration üü
Rename Source  ü
Configure Source üü
View Source Snapshot üü
System Configuration Operations
View System Configuration üü
Configure Automatic File Upload  ü
Select External USB Drive Behavior  ü
Configure FTP Server  ü
Configure UPnP Sharing  ü
Configure Network Address  ü
Configure USB Tethering  ü
Perform Network Diagnostics üü
Configure Date and Time preferences  ü
Set or Change User Passwords  ü
Configure Serial Port Flow Control  ü
Upload Branding Images  ü
Upload Branding Templates  ü
Select Branding Template  ü
Enable Remote Support  ü
Backup Device Configuration  ü
Restore Device Configuration  ü
Restore Factory Configuration  ü
Reboot Device (via Admin panel)  ü
Shutdown Device (via Admin panel)  ü
Configure Time Until Next Disk Check  ü
Perform Disk Check  ü
View Disk Information üü
Rebuild/Clean Storage Disks  ü
Upgrade Firmware  ü
View System Information üü