Standalone VGA Grid User Guide
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File and recording transfer

Your Standalone VGA Grid can be configured to automatically upload recordings from local storage to a network storage location or an attached USB drive.

We call this process Automatic File Upload or AFU for short.

Do not reboot Standalone VGA Grid with USB stick inserted. Doing so will result in a failure to boot.

The following types of off-system storage are supported for AFU: FTP, CIFS, RSync, SFTP, SCP and USB Drive.

Only one type of AFU can be used at once.

Files are uploaded once (i.e. are automatically not re-uploaded during future sessions) and a log is kept showing the file transfers (see below for details on viewing the log). The first transfer occurs after the configured amount of time expires or after the current file completes recording. If connection is lost during the transfer, the transfer is automatically restarted when the connection is reestablished.

By default, channels and recorders are not configured to support automatic file upload for their recorded files. You must enable this feature for each channel or recorder you wish to include in your automatic file transfers.

If recorded files are selected for upload while the AFU is at maximum upload capacity or when the AFU is unavailable, they are added to an upload queue. Files and their relevant information are displayed in a list format, and each file will be uploaded when upload capacity becomes available.