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Going virtual in 2020: Resources for video-enabled remote work

March 17, 2020 Michael Monette

Going virtual in 2020: Resources for video-enabled remote work image

Organizations everywhere are grappling with the consequences of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19): cancelled conferences, quarantined campuses, shuttered offices. Video will be an essential tool as corporations, universities, government offices, and other organizations try to keep things (as close to) business as usual during these unusual times.

We’ve put together lists of articles and videos that can help organizations like yours:

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    Pivoting to remote operations – quickly

    If your company has a video infrastructure already, shifting to remote operations probably won’t be too much of a hassle. If you don’t, you may find yourself scrambling to cobble together something serviceable.

    With no time to deploy an enterprise video platform, the fastest option is to use a public video platform like YouTube and Facebook:

    Live stream virtual events on youtube

    How to use live streaming on YouTube for remote learning and virtual events

    Sometimes you need to go live ASAP. Learn how to leverage live streaming on YouTube for business and learning continuity in a temporarily disrupted environment.

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    How to stream to Facebook

    How to stream on Facebook

    Facebook is the world’s biggest social network and a pretty capable live streaming platform to boot. Learn how to stream on Facebook through a web browser, mobile device, streaming software, or hardware encoder.

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    stream to YouTube

    How to stream on YouTube

    Not sure how to live stream on YouTube? We show you how to start a YouTube live stream through a web browser, mobile device, streaming software, or hardware encoder.

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    Both YouTube and Facebook offer privacy settings you can use to restrict viewership. However, sensitive communications are best kept to a private platform. All you need to stream to either platform is a computer, an Internet connection, and a webcam – built into a laptop or computer monitor, or, for slightly better quality, an external webcam.

    best webcams for streaming

    8 best webcams for live streaming

    Webcams are a popular – and convenient – option for live streaming. Check out our list of the eight best webcams for streaming.

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    For more information on how to live stream, see our detailed beginner’s guide:

    how to live stream

    How to live stream: a beginner’s survival guide

    Learn the basics of how live streaming works. All you really need to know are these four basic components and five simple steps.

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    Turning a live event into a virtual one

    Live event production companies often stream out to video platforms during conferences and other events. In light of the current pandemic, you can forgo a live audience entirely and make your events fully virtual:

    How to live stream an event well

    How to live stream an event

    Learn the basics of how live streaming works. All you really need to know are these four basic components and five simple steps.

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    Government streaming

    Government live streaming: how to set up a city council live stream

    Today many local government organizations are making their broadcasts available to the public. Learn about how set up your next city council live stream.

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    Virtual conference

    How to host a virtual conference in 2020

    The idea of a virtual conference has gained prominence in 2020. Not sure how to host a virtual event? We walk through three different ways to set up your virtual conference so you can bring people together safely.

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    Church live streaming

    Church live streaming guide – learn to easily stream live church services

    Learn the basics about Church live streaming technology & gear, Church streaming services and how to easily live stream Church services economically and still get pro results.

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    Keeping class in session

    If your school doesn’t have video infrastructure in place, you can shift to virtual classrooms quickly using a free platform like YouTube, enabling privacy settings for the live streams and on-demand content on your channel.

    Virtual classroom quick start

    Virtual classrooms: a quick-start guide

    Schools are looking for ways to get their classes online quickly in the wake of a global health crisis. Learn how to turn your class into a live streamed virtual classroom, without sacrificing quality.

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    Beyond lecture capture

    Beyond lecture capture: the ever expanding video learning applications in education

    Video learning is used in education for much more than just lecture capture. See some of the most common use cases in schools, universities, and online learning institutions.

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    How to record lectures

    How to record lectures: software vs hardware

    How to record lectures with one input vs recording media-rich lectures. Comparing software- and hardware-based technology and looking at ideal use cases.

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    Optimizing video production for your school

    In the short term or further down the line, you can improve your school’s video capabilities by deploying a professional video platform such as Panopto or Kaltura and/or by setting up video production space for faculty to produce and publish high-quality video content:

    Best video platforms for education

    6 best video platforms for education

    Schools are producing more video content than ever before. Check out our overview of the top six video platforms for education to help find the perfect solution for your school.

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    lecture capture studio

    5 steps to creating the ultimate lecture recording studio

    Follow these 5 basic steps to take your lecture recording production to the next level and help to keep your students interested and engaged.

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    Pearl-2 and Pearl Mini hardware encoders feature comprehensive integration with Kaltura and Panopto. This simplifies video production setup for schools, letting users record or stream from non-USB video sources (e.g., HDMI, SDI) and capture audio from professional-grade microphones (i.e., XLR, TRS). Users can even authenticate to Panopto or Kaltura through Pearl’s built-in touch screen to automatically upload unscheduled event recordings to their folders.

    Panopto vs Kaltura

    Panopto vs Kaltura

    See how Panopto and Kaltura stack up as we compare their extensive video CMS features for education and business.

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    Fostering internal communication

    If your organization doesn’t already use video conferencing software to enable communication between, you have plenty of options to choose from. Many video conferencing solutions charge a fee though some offer free plans, including Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

    conference softwares

    7 best video conferencing software for businesses

    Video conferencing is a great way to meet with distant colleagues, customers, and clients. Read our rundown of the seven best video conferencing software to help find the right one for your business.

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    Company town hall meetings

    Many companies live stream their town hall (or “all-hands”) meetings to include remote workforces and distributed offices. You can still organize and run a company town hall meeting during a quarantine, but rather than bring employees together in one room, you can make the meeting fully virtual:

    Town hall meeting live stream

    How to live stream your company town hall meeting

    It’s tough to bring everyone together for a company town hall when staff work remotely or in far-flung offices. We show you three different live streaming setups to make your all-hands meetings inclusive.

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    Video training

    You can build a dedicated video production space on premises or offsite to make it easier to create high-quality training videos for new and existing employees alike. Setups range from pop-up to elaborate:

    Training video setups

    Three video studio setups for better training videos

    Improve your training video quality with three easy how-to video studio setups including screen cast voice overs and pop-up how-to video studios.

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    Six steps to create effective training videos

    Six steps to create effective training videos

    Create better corporate training videos for employee onboarding, safety compliance training, and HR policies by following six essential steps.

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    Enabling customer outreach

    In place of face-to-face meetings, your salespeople can meet with or engage customers over video. With the right tools, video can help your sellers more quickly get up to speed and engage buyers at every stage of the sales cycle:

    Sales enablement strategy

    5 ways video can support your sales enablement strategy

    “Sales enablement” refers to the tools and practices a business uses to help its sales teams sell better. Learn why video is a vital addition to any sales enablement strategy.

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    Webinars are a tried-and-true method of customer outreach – and, by their nature, feature a fully virtual audience:

    how to create a webinar

    How to create a webinar your audience will love (6 easy steps)

    Make your webinar stand out. Learn how to plan, market, set up, and run your webinar. Practical tips and detailed instructions.

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    Projecting a professional image

    Interested in a more sophisticated video setup? Consider adding a capture card or a hardware encoder to the mix. An HD or 4K frame grabber makes it possible to connect HDMI cameras to standard computer hardware. Software will recognize any device connected to one of these cards as if it were a plug-and-play webcam.

    Best cameras for live streaming

    19 best cameras for live streaming for any budget

    Here is a comprehensive list of the best webcams, camcorders, DSLRs and mirrorless cameras for live streaming available on the market in 2019.

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    Epiphan Pearl systems can live stream to a broad range of content delivery networks – including YouTube and Facebook – and offer a number of tools to produce high-quality live streams and on-demand video content. Pearl’s custom layouts tool is well suited to content that features a slide deck, such as university lectures and conference presentations.

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