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Cloud 2 Cloud™ for incredible video capture

Unlike local setups, Connect is entirely cloud-based, giving you unparalleled access to consistent, high-quality video feeds.

  • Full HD 1080p video
  • Isolated audio tracks
  • SRT for low-latency connections

Make every video an experience

Unlock your capacity to create polished live and hybrid video experiences with the Epiphan Ecosystem

Make every space a studio

  • Virtual green room

    Use your meeting as a green room to communicate with your event participants. Send chat messages, or speak directly into the meeting to offer production support.

  • confidence monitor

    Monitor with confidence

    Share a virtual confidence monitor inside your Teams or Zoom call through an SRT return-feed so participants can see how they look in the broadcast.

  • screen share content

    Simplified, dummy-proof screen sharing

    Capture the content shared in a meeting, regardless of who is sharing. Epiphan Connect continuously captures the active screen share, even when the presenter switches.

  • mix isolated audio

    Mix with isolated audio feeds

    Enjoy total control over who the audience hears in your broadcast with Epiphan Connect, which can isolate participant audio into separate tracks.

  • Camera and mic controls

    Help your event participants present themselves in the best light possible with the ability to manage their mute, unmute, and camera settings.

  • Acquire multiple video sources

    Capture up to 9 sources

    You can capture up to nine different meeting participants – plus screen share – and send them to your production software.

Supported by the most popular production tools

“One of my colleagues turned to me and said that was the best virtual event that he has attended at Microsoft.”

Kerri Connoly, Director ISV Partnerships, Microsoft

Pricing plans

Enjoy the first 15 minutes of every meeting for free. Pay as you go, or pay annually with Reserved Capacity.

+ $25 per month

+ $25 per month

+ $25 per month
Save up to 75%
with an annual contract
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Up to 2
Up to 5
Up to 9
Everything from the other pricing plans plus:

Customizable contract

Buy hours in advance to get steeply discounted rates and simplified billing

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