Video capture capture cards reviewed: “It just works 100% of the time!”

March 10, 2017 Spencer McBride capture cards reviewed: “It just works 100% of the time!” image

When we last wrote a blog compiling reviews of capture cards, 4K was only a month old and already getting lots of press for its impressive capabilities.

Since then, HD, SDI, and 4K have all received significant firmware upgrades, and all three capture cards have become incredibly popular for their flexibility and easy-to-use features. For your convenience, we’ve used this blog post to assemble a list of some of the reviews. Enjoy!


Jerry Berg, known online as Barnacules Nerdgasam, has more than 800,000 subscribers on YouTube. With this much enthusiasm, that’s not surprising! He first looked at both of his 4K capture cards back in November 2016, and his excitement was palpable.

Epiphan video thumb

What is in the box? Lots of boxes, let's unbox them and find out!

He recently followed up with a great full review of the capture card, calling it “the easiest capture cards I have ever used, and by far the most capable.”

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Best USB 3.0 4K Video Capture Card for OBS Studio & XSplit Broadcaster!

As always, we love to see enthusiasm like that!


Joseph Linaschke is a YouTube tech reviewer focusing on cameras and video technology. His most recent look at HD shows him integrating it into his live video setup, demonstrating how easy it is to use with OBS and any camera he chooses!

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Building a Budget / Low-Cost Live Streaming Broadcast Studio — PJPM 2017-02-14

“It just works 100% of the time!”

Joseph Linaschke, Review on PhotoJoseph


In looking for a USB 3.0 Linux capture solution, Level1Techs found that 4K was the best fit. They’ve integrated it into their setup and feel great about the near-zero latency, the ease of use, and the power of the card.

“It’s really impressive, and it has done everything we’ve thrown at it.”


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Epiphan 4k Video Capture


Dave Jones of the Electronics Engineering Video Blog (EEVblog) first showed an unboxing of 4K a few months ago.

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EEVblog #913 – Mailbag

Taking it apart to show the great hardware inside emphasizes the point about how solid 4K really is and how he’s looking forward to capturing some of the more unusual sources he has, such as his 4K Tegano microscope. As a knowledgeable engineer, Dave clearly gets a lot of enjoyment out of looking at the well-designed interior!

More recently, he took 4K for a 4K test drive at both 30 fps…

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Epiphan AVIO 4K USB 3 Video Capture Test 30fps

and 60 fps!

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Epiphan AVIO 4K USB 3 Video Capture Test 60fps

The video looks great at both settings, and 4K passed the test with perfect grades!

Waheed Tech

The popularity of 4K extends all over the world! We’ve even had a review from Saudi Arabia by Waheed Omar of Waheed Tech, a tech reviewer with almost 65,000 subscribers.

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Epiphan AV.IO 4k / افضل قطعة تسجيل 4 كي

He uses the capture card for 4K video game capture, and it looks fantastic!

Rob Cram

One of the newest firmware updates for 4K allowed it to capture from two of the most recent gaming consoles, PS4 Pro & Xbox One S. Rob Cram shows what a great job it does of that:

Epiphan video thumb 4K Capture Review For PS4 Pro & Xbox One S

The Mad Review

“The game capture is phenomenal!” TheMadReview looked at 4K specifically for capturing gameplay from PCs and loved how great the end result looked. Using the setup guide on our site, they were able to get the stream and capture setup working simultaneously with the gameplay.

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Finally! A PS4 Pro 4k Game Capture Device! Epiphan Video 4k Review and Unboxing

The result was, according to them “the best game capture that I have ever captured from any device on the market!”


Run by Linus Sebastian, LinusTechTips is a huge operation reviewing hundreds of different technologies. They have over 3.7 million subscribers, almost a billion views, and their WAN Show podcast does a great job of covering new trends in technology.

They didn’t just review the family, they have fully integrated HD and SDI into their own live setup!

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They talk about how both capture cards improve their setup immensely, and it’s great to hear how easy it was to get the whole setup working with the capture card.

They’ve also talked about the capture card family on the WAN show a few times while using it to stream the show itself! Great to see the cards in action!

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AMD Responds about Weak 1080p Gaming Performance – WAN Show March 3, 2017

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who reviewed 4K, HD, or SDI. We always love to hear what people are saying about our products and see what great new things people are accomplishing with the capture card family!

How are you using capture cards?

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