CDN Support

Using Epiphan streamers and recorders

Epiphan streamers and recorders support CDNs (Content Delivery Networks). When you need the best possible availability, scalability and performance when streaming video to a large base of subscribers, most content providers choose a CDN. Epiphan streamers and recorders now support multiple streaming formats and protocols (including RTMP and RTSP as of 3.12) enabling them to stream video to CDNs efficiently and effectively.

Choosing a CDN to host your broadcast is highly scalable and makes financial sense since you do not pay for additional servers and hardware or routing should your network traffic increase or decrease. CDNs rely on a network of geo-diverse servers configured to receive and deliver video content to the CDN server closest to the viewer, the closer the server is to the viewer the faster the video content is delivered.

Streaming content through a CDN allows you to stream your video anytime, anywhere regardless of the viewing device.

CDNs tested with Epiphan streaming products:

Facebook Live logo


Wowza logo


Primcast logo

akamai logo





ho's next




Logo for Limelight Networks

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