High-quality, low-latency live streaming with Pearl SRT protocol support

Broadcasters and streamers rejoice. Open-source Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol enables secure, high-quality, and low-latency video streaming – and is fully supported by Pearl all-in-one video production systems.

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SRT technology makes the difference

Every video producer wants the highest-quality video to ensure their live productions look professional. SRT technology makes it easier than ever. Using the latest in streaming technology, the SRT protocol keeps your live video productions looking great with persistent network connection maintenance, packet loss recovery, and other quality-control features.

SRT streaming excels even over unpredictable networks

The SRT protocol’s built-in protections against fluctuating network bandwidth and other variables make it possible to deliver high-quality video even over lossy and unpredictable networks. And with flexible firewall and network address translation (NAT) traversal, you can live stream over SRT without involving IT.

Applications for Pearl SRT video streaming

Better quality streaming to content delivery networks

SRT technology sends bi-directional control data throughout live streams to ensure a smooth viewing experience. Streaming to a content delivery network (CDN) using the SRT protocol will minimize packet loss, jitter, and other threats to quality.

A versatile SRT contribution encoder

Use a Pearl hardware encoder to bring SRT sources into your broadcast production system and benefit from an intuitive live switching interface, built-in confidence monitor and touch screen, and other user-friendly features.

Pristine contributions from remote guests

A growing ecosystem of cameras, software, and streaming hardware support the SRT protocol. Set up remote guests with an SRT encoder to bring high-quality, low-latency SRT sources into your Pearl-powered video productions.

SRT and Pearl

For reliable and professional live video production


All-in-one live video production

Pearl hardware encoders feature multiple inputs for video and professional audio, simplifying setup by letting you directly connect advanced AV gear for the highest-quality SRT streams. Pearl also features a built-in touch screen so you can verify your inputs and sound levels at a glance.

Built for maximum reliability

Pearl systems are designed to withstand daily use in professional environments. A rugged, all-metal enclosure protects your investment during operation and transport while the purpose-built and fine-tuned software ensure you don’t run into any issues during your SRT streams.

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