Streamline your Opencast video workflows with Pearl

Choose Epiphan Pearl hardware for seamless Opencast video capture. Enhance efficiency and flexibility in lecture recording with this intuitive and reliable in-room solution.

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The most flexible Opencast capture agent

Pearl’s all-in-one capabilities for automated video capture and recording make it the most versatile device for creating high-quality content in any classroom, teaching space, auditorium, lab, or podcasting studio.

Easy to operate by faculty, or centrally managed by IT, Pearl is designed to scale across campus for streamlined deployment and stress-free operation.

Efficient video capture

Video monitoring

Monitor and control your recording directly from the Opencast Admin interface.

Recording scheduling

Schedule and automatically record one-time or recurring sessions. Record multiple video channels simultaneously.

Efficient fleet management

Control, monitor, and maintain of all your Pearl capture agents from a single pane of glass with Epiphan Edge.

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Why use Pearl with Opencast

Ultimate flexibility

With Epiphan and OpenCast, users gain unmatched control and flexibility, enabling them to tailor the system precisely to their preferences, ensuring that recorded video content is delivered to students exactly as intended.

Scaleable across campus

With different models to choose from, and a centralized management platform, users can scale Pearl across campus into lecterns, AV-closets, labs, or studio environments selecting the perfect form factor for each environment.

Faculty friendly, IT approved

Epiphan makes video capture and recording content simple, so faculty can focus on teaching, while administrators get the tools they need to monitor and control their Pearls from anywhere.

Backed by award-winning support

Our dedicated customer support and agile development teams ensure swift, tailored solutions and continuous product improvement to meet evolving user needs.

API integration with in-room control systems

Easily monitor and control your video through the API integration with control systems:

  • Integrate your Pearl into any Crestron space using the Crestron-developed Control Module

  • Bring streaming and recording to any Q-SYS-controlled space with the secure Q-SYS plugin for Pearl

  • Pearl Mini is the ideal streaming and recording system for Extron spaces

Pearl Nexus awarded

Meet your new Opencast capture agent – Pearl Nexus

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Solving video across campus

Automate video in any space with centralized management for easy troubleshooting

  • Lecture capture

  • One-button-studios

  • Live events

  • Simulation and training