Turn any Microsoft Teams call into a Grass Valley production

Now, over 270 million Teams users can join the Grass Valley AMPP broadcast ecosystem as remote guests.

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A fully-equipped studio anywhere

Remote contribution may be convenient for guests, but that convenience has previously come with a compromise on video and audio quality. When guests join a Microsoft Teams call paired with Epiphan Connect, there’s no trade-off. Whether they’re joining from a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, Epiphan Connect turns any Microsoft Teams Room into a remote contribution studio.

Unparalleled video quality from Teams

Epiphan Connect extracts isolated video and audio from Microsoft Teams meetings giving producers low-latency, 1080p feeds of both participants and any screen-share content to bring into your Grass Valley AMPP production.

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Epiphan Connect

Elevate your content without sacrificing convenience

Engaging content features branded layouts, live switching, and beautiful graphics. Epiphan Connect™ lets you achieve all of this with Microsoft Teams, unlocking your capacity to create polished live and on-demand video experiences for everyone.

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Turn any Microsoft Teams call into a Grass Valley AMPP production

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Hybrid tools for a hybrid world

Real-time insights

When Epiphan Connect isolates Microsoft Teams participants into separate SRT feeds, producers can access comprehensive connectivity data to make sure the video quality, audio quality, and streaming parameters are performing as desired.

Everything in the cloud

Unlike other workflows, Connect is entirely cloud-based, meaning you don’t need to worry about local hardware or network issues affecting your connections, something adopters of Grass Valley AMPP have no doubt come to expect as standard when working with their products.

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