Product news

Epiphan Pearl integrates with Skaarhoj controllers

April 15, 2024

Epiphan Pearl systems now fully integrate with Skaarhoj controllers. This integration brings together Skaarhoj’s flexible and intuitive control systems with the robust and reliable recording, streaming and switching features of Pearl. Perfect for live events or any production workflow that requires easy tactile operation.

Who is Skaarhoj? Skaarhoj is a pioneer in universal broadcast controllers. Known for their adaptability and compatibility with a broad range of devices, Skaarhoj’s controllers are perfect for live production environments. Their devices feature high-quality aluminum chassis, crisp OLED screens and Ethernet connectivity with PoE capabilities.

Key Features

  • Quick and easy pairing with one or many Pearl devices
  • Compatible with Skaarhoj Blue Pill ecosystem
  • Start, stop recording channels
  • Reset recording files
  • Start, stop streams
  • Layout switching
  • Apply configuration presets
  • Status indicators for recording, streaming, layout switching


  • Easy setup and customization
  • Plug and play – no PC or software required
  • Adaptable to any workflow
  • Operator friendly