Capture broadcast-quality, low-latency video with more freedom thanks to NDI and Pearl

Pearl-2 and Pearl Mini support NDI, providing users with more options to acquire high-quality video signals from networked cameras

NDI on Pearl-2 and Pearl Mini

New and existing customers now have more flexibility acquiring video signals from networked cameras. With Pearl Mini’s high-efficiency NDI|HX functionality and Pearl-2’s High Bandwidth NDI and NDI|HX support, spend less time configuring the setup and more time creating.

epiphan pearl-2


  • Supports NDI 5
  • Supports High Bandwidth NDI inputs, up to three
  • Supports NDI|HX inputs, up to six
  • Allows one Full NDI output in 4K30 or four 1080p30 outputs
  • Queries and registers with an NDI Discovery server

Pearl Mini: All-in-one video production

Pearl Mini

  • Supports two NDI|HX inputs
  • Queries NDI Discovery servers for available NDI sources

Unlocking more options with NDI

Easy discovery

Automatically detect NDI-enabled sources from the NDI Discovery Server

Automate with CMS and control room integrations

Simplify any NDI recording or streaming for inexperienced end-users with Epiphan’s suite of CMS and technology partners, including Kaltura, Panopto, Crestron, and Q-SYS

Expanded reach

Connect your sources to Pearl wherever they are, without worrying about cabling

Control from anywhere

Connect your NDI sources, record, stream, switch, and monitor from anywhere with Epiphan Cloud’s remote Pearl access

Epiphan Pearl-2

Robust, professional recording, streaming, switching, and processing horsepower for the most demanding live video production.

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Epiphan Pearl Mini

All-in-one video production functionality in a portable chassis and giant touch screen for maximum ease of use.

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