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How to use Stream Deck with Pearl

July 6, 2022

The customization and convenience of the Elgato Stream Deck has made it a big hit in the streaming world. If you’re using a Pearl Nano, Pearl Mini, or Pearl-2 system, you can add Stream Deck to your live production workflow to boost efficiency with additional functions.

Here’s how.

Connecting Stream Deck to your Pearl system

Follow our step-by-step instructions and you’ll have your Stream Deck working with Pearl in no time.

1. Head over to Elgato’s website and download the app for your Stream Deck

In the drop-down menu, you’ll see options for Stream Deck, Stream Deck XL, Stream Deck MK.2, Stream Deck Mini, Stream Deck Pedal, and Stream Deck Mobile. Select your product, and your operating system, and download the installer.

2. Launch the Stream Deck app

When the UI appears, click on the Stream Deck Store icon at the top. The icon looks like a Stream Deck with a blue plus sign on it, next to the cog.

3. Find the “Companion button” plug-in and install it

Within the Stream Deck Store, search for “Companion” and you should see a result for “Companion button” by Bitfocus AS. Install it.

4. Launch the Companion app, then the UI

Open the Companion app and hit the Launch GUI button at the bottom. This will open your default web browser.

5. Connect Pearl via the Companion app

To complete this step, you’ll need to be connected to the same network as the Pearl system, or using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Within the Connections tab, search for “Pearl” in the pane labeled “Add connection.” Then, punch in your Pearl’s IP address, username, and password, and hit Save. Over in the other pane, you should see “OK” highlighted in green in the status column.

6. Ensure your Stream Deck is connected

Enter the Surfaces tab near the top of the UI and make sure your Stream Deck is connected to Pearl. If it’s not showing up, try the orange Rescan USB button. Otherwise, check your USB connection and cable.

7. Customize your buttons

Enter the Buttons tab at the top. In the Presets tab in the right-hand pane, click the blue button that says “Epiphan:Pearl” and whatever label you gave the system when you connected it.

You’ll see three more blue buttons, labelled Channels, Publishers, and Recorders. Click on one and preset buttons will appear that match what you’ve set up in Pearl’s admin panel. Place these presets wherever you’d like. Then you can customize the button text, font size, background color, and more.

Enjoy using Stream Deck with Pearl

That’s all there is to it. Now, time to create some stellar live video with your Epiphan Pearl and Elgato Stream Deck.

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