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Are you looking for the easiest HDMI to USB converter?

June 1, 2017 Brigitte Gagné

Are you looking for the easiest HDMI to USB converter? image

I have the droid you’re looking for!

Okay, so maybe it’s not a droid. But I have the tech you’re looking for. Many people don’t even realize it’s possible to convert HDMI to USB, but it is. And while it’s not quite as simple as plugging your HDMI™ camera into your laptop (that won’t work!), it’s easier than you think.

No connect HDMI device to laptop

There are a variety of reasons why people are looking for HDMI recorders or ways to bring their HDMI source into a computer. Some people simply want to use their PC or laptop as a large screen for their camera, or as a “TV screen” for a device that doesn’t have a display. Others want to record or stream the content from their HDMI source. All these options are possible with Epiphan’s USB-based HDMI capture cards.

Get exactly what you need with our driverless Epiphan HD and Epiphan 4K USB video capture cards. Or for customers who need 100% lossless, perfect capture with full control over color space (usually for medical and industrial applications) we have DVI2USB 3.0.

Get started right away with 4K and HD

If you’re like most people and want to get going as fast as possible, our family is exactly what you need. 4K converts 4K UHD signals from HDMI to USB at 30 fps. And both HD and 4K capture 1080p video at 60 fps, with only 1-2 frames delay in transferring the data over your USB bus. In addition to video capture, these cards also capture embedded HDMI audio.

So whether you’re capturing a game console like PS4 Pro or Xbox One S, capturing a laptop, a 4K camera, video camera, embedded device, or a DSLR, you’ll have top quality, low delay audio and video capture.

Our family video capture cards are simple to use. Connect your source to your HD or 4K, then connect the USB cable to a USB port on your computer. Use built-in tools like Windows Camera, or any video capture tool of your choice (including VLC, OBS, or QuickTime) to view, record, and stream your video. Use it with Windows, Linux, or Mac OS.

avio family diagram colour 4K: USB capture card 4K

Capture 4K video in perfect fidelity, or use hardware scaling to meet your application needs at any resolution.

Learn more HD: USB capture card HD

Capture HDMI, VGA or DVI video at resolutions up to 1080p. Connect to any computer with a USB port.

Learn more

Our HDMI to USB solutions just work

There are a few things we consistently hear from happy HD and 4K users who’ve used competing products in the past:

  • The product just works
  • The aluminum casing is satisfyingly weighty
  • They find the products are designed well for repeated and extended use
  • Their computers aren’t working as hard as they do with competing products
  • Capture quality is fantastic and has very little delay

Don’t just take my word for it, watch as reviewers gush about 4K!Let’s look at some of these points in more detail to understand how our HDMI to USB converters work and how they differ from some others in the same field.

Epiphan video thumb 4k – Best Capture Card – Review Compilation

Raw video capture means less work

Why do our customers find that their computers aren’t working as hard when capturing HDMI with an Epiphan capture card? This has to do with raw video capture.

Other video capture solutions compress your video into a container like H.264 or Motion JPG so it’s small enough to fit across a USB 2.0 bus (a medium with a maximum data transfer rate of 60 MB/s). When it arrives on your computer, the CPU and/or GPU need to work to decompress this image, then re-encode it with your encoding settings. And with this type of pre-compressed video, it’s never possible to get back the full detail that was lost in compression.

By contrast, our family of HDMI capture cards send raw pixel data across to your computer over USB 3.0 (max transfer of 640 MB/s). When your software receives this stream, it doesn’t need to decode it, so there’s less heavy lifting.

Raw video capture means better quality

Furthermore, when the data signal isn’t compressed, you get better video quality.

With video signal that is uncompressed and visually lossless, you’re in charge of what to do with it next. If you want, you can use defaults from your encoding software, or if you prefer, you can tweak it to optimize your video.

The key point is – you have options.

You can record it, preserving all that detail for post-production editing, or upload. Or you can encode for streaming at a bitrate that matches your network capacity.

The beauty of raw data capture is that the choice of quality isn’t taken away from you.

Finally, here is an infographic to help you remember the easiest way to capture HDMI over USB!

Infographic The easiest way to convert HDMI to USB


  1. Jenn

    Hi, can I use this to connect my chromecast to my old TV monitor with only a USB port? Because my TV doesn’t have a HDMI port. Thanks!

    • Jordan Sheldrick

      Hi Jenn. Unfortunately this is not possible. devices cannot capture from HDCP-protected sources like Chromecast. Also – older, non-HDMI TVs are very unlikely to have the correct type of USB that can work with

  2. william e Wonders III

    can i stream from my canon vixia to my pc wit this product

  3. Max

    Hi, can it work with USB 2.0 or 1?

  4. alan

    Hi. This sounds great – can I use it to watch Blu-Rays from my Blu-Ray player on my Mac. The Blu-Ray has HDMI out and the Mac only has USB in!

    • Jordan Sheldrick

      Hey Alan. This is technically possible, however most Blu-Ray/DVD players have what’s called HDCP protection. This limitation makes it impossible to capture and convert HDCP-protected video signals. HDCP is a form of copyright protection which prevents people from illegally reproducing media content using third-party recording applications once the signal has been captured by their computer.

  5. Allen Crawford

    Hello, My Blu Ray player streams DSD via Hdmi and I have a DSD capable DAC via USB. Any way to harness the DSD via the HDMI to the USB port of the DAC?

  6. Frederik Michon

    Good afternoon,

    Ik own a Pentax K1 with live view and HDMI output. I want to use the screen of mij cumputer to enlarge the pitcure for fine tuning. Can your coverter do this?

    • Jordan Sheldrick

      Yes, converters can convert HDMI signals to USB on your computer. Keep in mind you will need to a software application that works with UVC hardware. Some such applications are native to certain operating systems, while most others need to be downloaded and installed from a third-party source (e.g. VLC). Nearly every application that works with web cameras works with UVC hardware like our products.

  7. Patrick O'Brien

    Might be strange question, but I am trying to connect a streaming television device with a HDMI port out to a USB with Audio/Visual on Demand port in. Can your device do this?

  8. Hi, it took me almost ages to find you guys. I want to attach our cisco tandberg precisionHd 1080p to the Laptop in order to monitor the Rack. I can attach it with a Dell Monitor and it Works pretty fine. My colleagues and me need to Monitor the Rack. So we connect to the pc over remotedesktop using the built in cam. But the quality is so la la…. so we got Hold of this Camera and wanted to use it for Monitoring. will it be possible to get the Signal into the Laptop using the device.
    Thank you

    • You can certainly capture the HDMI output of a camera such as the one you mention! The HD will let you capture this to the computer connected to the HD via USB 3, then you can use it in applications in the exact same way you would a USB webcam.

  9. Just a Question

    what about a game console screen input to the usb output?

  10. Adam Frame

    You can indeed capture from the video signal output of a game console, for example please see our guide on capturing from a PS4:

  11. Prathan W

    I am using Marantz AVR which can pass through music from many source such as Turntable through HDMI output (to TV). Can I use your products to capture sound from HDMI output so I could rip my vinyl to my PC?

  12. Adam Frame

    The HD can indeed capture embedded HDMI audio as long as this is PCM encoded and stereo. Then it will show up as just another audio input on the PC connected via USB 3 and you can use third party applications to record this.

  13. I think these kind of convertors are very rare to find and which may be because I think they don’t guarantee satisfactory results.For purchasing products related to cables and connectors. I would definitely recommend you to go for Eagleg.

  14. Jason

    With a USB OTG cable, is it possible to use an android smartphone or tablet to view an HDMI video stream?

  15. Carmen Chen

    My TV only have HDMI input and I need to view some videos from a thumb drive. Can convert? Thanks.

  16. Asim

    Hi, can I use this to stream from my Satellite Receiver over my local network?? I was thinking of connecting this to my NVidia Sheild which has Plex Server running on it then using Plex in other rooms to watch the source video. Would this work??

    • Mathieu R

      Epiphan Video devices are unable to capture from any HDCP encrypted sources so if your devices have HDCP encryption, such as the Satellite receiver, all you will see is a black screen. These USB frame grabbers are UVC standard devices and act in the same way as a webcam to your computer. This means it would require software on the computer to view and capture content. So long as you are able to see the content from your computer software application it should be possible.

  17. Ellen Falk

    While Samsung s USB-C adapter is the best-supported method, you can find less expensive adapters that will still do the same job. At the moment the best option we ve found is the Olixar USB-C to HDMI 4K Adaptor, but you can take a look at our full range of USB-C to HDMI adaptors to see all the options for yourself!

  18. Dawn Wendland

    Can I use aAVio unit to connect a Sony FDR-AX53 video cam to my PC to connect a room of people to a ZOOM videoconference?

    • Marta Chernova

      Dawn, yes you can, as long as you use an HDMI-micro to HDMI (full size) cable. As some online reviews say, “the HDMI output on AX53 is clean as long as you don’t touch the display”.
      Your computer should be able to recognize this external camera with an

  19. B. Inglis

    My hdmi socket is broken on my tv can I use this adapter to plug the hdmi output from the sky box to a USB input on the tv

  20. RZ

    Will the camera be recognized as an available webcam in apps like e.g. Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams?

  21. Tony

    Can I use it with Firestick so we can play Jackbox games via Zoom in real time with both audio & video, no lag?

  22. Dallas

    Hi, will the device (AV.IO HD) be recognized as a USB webcam on the Epiphan Webcaster X2?

    So, my goal is to connect the output of my PC (HDMI out) to this device, then into my Webcaster’s USB Webcam port to use as a PiP on my streaming services.

    • Mathieu

      Webcaster X2 has a BETA USB webcam support function dedicated specifically for USB webcams. USB Capture cards such as HD are powered over USB 3.0 and require that USB 3.0 bandwidth to be utilized at 30 FPS in HD resolutions. HD could be used on Webcaster X2 in a very limited fashion on the USB 2.0 port to achieve 4-10 FPS provided that you are using a powered USB hub in between the and the Webcaster X2.

  23. James Wright

    I am trying to connect my Firestick to my laptop which does not have an HDMI input but does have a USB 3.0 type c input.

    I have read there is a workaround to remove the HDCP encription, its called a splitter. Here is one example of such a unit:

    Do you think this would be a viable solution for me to connect the Firestick to the HDMI input on the splitter, then run an HDMI cable from one of the HDMI output ports on the splitter, and sending a non-encrypted signal to your device, and then running a USB 3.0 cable to my laptop? It seems like this would work in theory. Please advise. Thank you, James Wright

    • Mathieu

      You are correct that cannot capture from HDCP encrypted video sources. So long as the source does not have an HDCP encrypted signal it will be seen by Epiphan hardware devices. Unfortunately we do not test against devices which may or may not remove HDCP encryption, so we are unable to answer your question.

  24. Nick Barr-Hamilton

    Could i use this to send a livestream from a laptop, i.e. the av output to a second computer so that I could put that livestream into video editing software to go out as a second stream?

    • Mathieu

      This is possible, provided that what you are attempting to capture from the laptop is not HDCP encrypted. As an example, if the goal was to capture a streaming website’s content which does have HDCP encryption, all you would likely see is a black screen and hear the audio

  25. Greg W

    Hi, Is it possible to connect the HDMI output from an Optimum Cablevsion cable tv/router box to a USB input jack on my Panasonic smart tv? The HDMI inputs on the TV are not functioning (error message is “no input” but cable installer for new box said there is output from the box, and installer tried a brand new HDMI cable, but same error message; and new cable box does not have a CATV cable jack out to connect to TV so can’t o that.) Or is signal from a cable TV box encrypted for copyright? Thank you.

    • Mathieu

      Unfortunately you are correct that this device would have HDCP encryption. Our USB capture cards unfortunately cannot be connected to a TV or monitor via USB to capture/receive a signal source. the Capture cards do require UVC/UAC libraries built into an operating system on a computer for use and operation.

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