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Recording stats on slot machines

July 14, 2015

Recording stats on slot machines image

Technology used in slot machines had changed a lot since their inception. The classic mechanical designs have been replaced by electronic machines that are computer controlled. One of the computer functions is to generate random numbers. Authorities and Gaming Control Boards (GCB) have developed strict regulations regarding the fairness of slot machines and perform rigorous control and casino audits.

Because of limited documentation of casino revenues, they are tested using analytical reviews. This is accomplished by comparing slot machines theoretical hold results to the actual results. There are a number of internal control measures established by casinos in order to comply with GCB inspectors and most such agencies require that slot machines maintain a record of game play. Epiphan’s video grabbers such as DVI2USB 3.0 can capture video data displayed by the slot machine to be integrated in the audit trail equipment.

Consider the following situations where accurate results are ensured by recording stats on slot machines by capturing the data displayed to the user with DVI2USB 3.0.

  • Gaming devices are placed in an abusive environment where they are subject to repeated and rapid power interruption. When power interruption occurs, a player may be on his way to a win or may even be in the middle of a pay-out after a win.
  • Power interruption may randomly shift the slot machines to an incorrect state such that an unearned jack-pot or free play or is given to the player.
  • Player dispute about the jackpot amount that should have been paid or a winning spin that failed to pay.

Having a video record of the slot machine display ensures not only that machines comply to government or regulatory bodies, but also helps during power failures, power fluctuations and player disputes.