Case Study: Live Event Production

Markey’s Rental & Staging relies on Pearl for live event production

September 17, 2019

Markey’s Rental & Staging is a provider of rental and staging equipment for meetings, conventions, and trade shows. They create defining experiences by providing creative solutions for corporate theater, live event production & management, and audiovisual presentation support. Essentially, Markey’s handles all things audio and video for any type of event, including huge shows with thousands of attendees.

In addition to providing services like event lighting, digital signage, and presentation management, Markey’s also takes care of video recording and streaming. For this, the company uses a fleet of Pearl-2 and Pearl Mini all-in-one streaming and recording devices.

Much more than just gear and labor

Live event production is a highly demanding job, especially when it comes to covering large events. Every event requires a lot of careful planning. Once the event gets going — there is no room for error. Fortunately, customers know they can rely on Markey’s to get the job done right. The company takes special pride in their excellent service and lasting customer relationships.

People come to Markey’s for our excellence and our problem solving skills. If an issue arises — they know we can take care of it. Matthew Okerson, Event Network Technician for Markey’s Rental & Staging

Markey’s Rental & Staging continues to stay ahead of the competition by listening and adapting to their clients’ needs, keeping up with the leading technologies in the industry, and using only the most reliable equipment.

Events big and small, Markey’s covers them all

Markey’s Rental & Staging covers events ranging from high school graduations to large trade shows and conventions. A great example is the Annual Meeting of the American Orthopaedic Society of Sports Medicine (AOSSM). The 2019 event took place at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, gathering over 2500 attendees. Among other things, Markey’s was responsible for running and recording 13 concurrent sessions, including 3 large halls and 10 smaller breakout rooms. To capture the video, Markey’s had a Pearl all-in-one system installed in each room, with all audio and video sources connected directly to them.

Markey's event

Networking + integration = efficiency

Naturally, managing 13 recording sessions simultaneously is no small task. To stay efficient, the team relied heavily on Pearls’ networking ability to monitor the recordings remotely from a central “headquarters” location. The devices had also been configured remotely through the Pearl web UI. This meant that a single technician was able to monitor the feeds from a dozen rooms through the network, saving the company a lot of manpower.

Markey's controls Pearl 2 remotely via LAN

As with all other events, Markey’s was using their own content management system (CMS) to manage AV at the AOSSM Annual Meeting. They’ve tailored this CMS to their specific needs in order to run large shows more efficiently. They’ve also integrated Pearl encoders directly with the CMS to simplify the workflow. This made it easy to instantly archive the recorded video, sending that content directly to Markey’s internal server. In this scenario, there is no need to transfer the files from cards to drives, saving time and eliminating potential points of failure.

Versatile design to fit the need

Markey’s Rental & Staging technicians were able to connect HDMI, SDI, and XLR sources directly to Pearl, without having to worry about video scaling issues. Additionally, Pearl-2 and Pearl Mini were set up to record all sources separately, which gave the team a lot of creative freedom during post production.

Markey's events

Intuitive and easy to use

The team at Markey’s finds Pearls easy to operate. The web UI makes it easy to access all of Pearl’s features remotely, while the touch screen on the front of the device was very useful for quick tweaks. Teaching new staff members how to use Pearls is a breeze. If there are ever any questions about how to use Pearl systems – the team is always able to reach Epiphan support and get answers, fast.

Working with the Epiphan support team has always been very easy and straightforward. John Charlebois, Director of Technical Services at Markey’s

Consistent, reliable results

In Markey’s experience, Pearl all-in-one recorders proved to be reliable in high-stress situations time and time again. The staff feels confident about shipping Pearls all over the world because of their durability. Once configured, Pearl-2 and Pearl Mini just run and continue to do their job. During the five-day event, the Pearls captured over 80 hours of footage without skipping a beat.

Epiphan Video devices are very reliable. They’re always there for us and constantly working. Matthew Okerson, Event Network Technician for Markey’s Rental & Staging

In closing

Epiphan Video was very happy to learn that Markey’s technical team enjoys working with Pearl-2 and Pearl Mini all-in-one systems. We also want to thank Markey’s Rental & Staging for the opportunity to join them at the 2019 AOSSM Annual Meeting and catch a behind-the-scenes look at their craft.Markey’s Rental & Staging is a comprehensive audiovisual communications company for event rental & staging, in-house support services for convention centers and hotels, on-site corporate services, production services, computer rental, video production & basic equipment rental.

Stream like a pro

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