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Talon AV’s sky-high success: remote production with Epiphan Pearl

May 24, 2024

Talon AV’s sky-high success: remote production with Epiphan Pearl image

Small company, big impact

Talon AV is a video production company that provides video streaming, recording, and production services for live events – anything from corporate webinars to multi-day conferences with multiple breakout rooms. Their superpower is their efficiency, which means they can manage multiple concurrent events simultaneously.

But how could this small team be in multiple places at the same time? That was the challenge the company’s CEO, Tim Kerbavaz set out to solve.

Remote workflow for the win

Tim turned to Epiphan’s Pearl systems for their unmatched flexibility, reliability, and most critically – their remote control capabilities. With Pearl’s deployed on-site, and connected to the network at the various conferences and event spaces, Tim and his team could oversee multiple events simultaneously, from anywhere. They even managed to control the live streaming of a general session from an airplane!

All of this is possible due to Epiphan Edge™, which allows remote production and monitoring of a fleet of Pearl systems, from anywhere.

Epiphan Edge allowed us to single-handedly remotely monitor, start and stop records, and manage file workflows from 30 unstaffed breakout rooms, allowing for a quick overnight edit turnaround. This transformed the way I think about production at scale. Tim Kerbavaz, Technical Producer and Founder, Talon AV

epiphan pearl-2

The ultimate all-in-one live video production system

Pearl-2 brings the pro features and processing horsepower required for the most demanding live events.

Scaling operations: Being in two places at once

The ability to manage multiple devices from a central location went far beyond providing breakout room services for a single site. It ultimately allowed Talon AV to expand its clientele by offering remote event support services. Now, the Talon AV team can be in several places at once, producing one event on-site while remotely supporting other events happening miles away.

This allowed the company to significantly scale up operations without expanding its footprint.

  • Remote Management: Using Epiphan Edge, the Talon AV team could remotely monitor and control Pearl devices, making adjustments on the fly and responding to any issues without needing to be physically present—a game-changer for events spanning multiple rooms or locations.
  • Versatile Streaming and Recording: Pearl’s adaptability allowed Talon AV to handle everything from direct streaming to point-to-point SRT links with one set of hardware, ensuring high-quality video delivery under various network conditions and show needs.
  • Large-Scale Event Management: For an event with 30 breakout rooms, Pearl hardware facilitated efficient management and recording, proving indispensable in capturing content while meeting strict security requirements and keeping a tight footprint.
Tim Kerbavaz of Talon AV monitoring an event
“[Pearls] have become my Swiss Army knife. I just throw that on the truck when I have a show, even if I'm not billing a client for it, because they’re going to solve problems for me later.”


For Talon AV, Epiphan’s Pearl and Edge have become indispensable tools in their event production toolkit, enabling Tim and his team to tackle the challenges of live event production head-on. The reliability and flexibility of Epiphan products have not only streamlined Talon AV’s operations but also significantly boosted the company’s image.

They can take on more clients and manage multiple events simultaneously. This ability to accomplish more with fewer people has set Talon AV apart in the industry, enhancing its reputation for efficiency and excellence, and making every event a success story in its own right.