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Limitations and known issues

This section includes known issues or limitations that affect functionality or usability and ways that you can work around these limitations.

Affecting encoding

  • Limitation: When audio is enabled on an SDI source where video is already being captured, it takes up to 15 seconds for the system to detect the audio. Once detected, the audio is properly synchronized with the video.
    Workaround: Start the SDI signal with audio enabled, or check to ensure audio is detected before streaming or recording.
  • Video bitrate for MJPEG streams is larger than the configured value.
    Workaround: Verify the actual bitrate on the channel's channel status page when there are connected viewers. If lower bitrates are important, select another codec.
  • For VGA sources only, some wide-mode resolutions are not correctly identified and result in a slightly squished image (e.g. for a 1360x768 source, the detected resolution may be 1024x768).
    Workaround: This issue is related to the video source. Test your source to see if it exhibits the issue. If possible, avoid using wide-mode for VGA sources that exhibit this issue.
  • The automatically calculated frame size for HD VGA sources is occasionally incorrect.
    Workaround: This problem is caused due to cable degradation or poor cable connection. Re-seat or exchange your VGA cable. If the problem is still not resolved, visit the Epiphan Pearl support page for a custom EDID to resolve the issue.
  • Audio is temporarily unavailable for up to 20 seconds while streaming and/or recording when the audio signal parameters (e.g. sample rate) are changed.
    Workaround: Refrain from changing audio parameters while streaming and/or recording. Any audio setting changes must be completed while the stream/recording is stopped.

Affecting streaming and recording

  • When switching layouts while streaming or recording, it's possible to have a small number of frames (approximately 100ms worth) repeated in the stream or recording file, and over the same time period a small number of frames from the new layout skipped.
    Workaround: If dropped frames are problematic for your application, avoid the layout switching feature.
  • Multi-track MOV files do not work in Quicktime or Final Cut Pro.
    Workaround: Using a different file type or program resolves the issue.
  • On some platforms, HTTP streaming can be used without the proper credentials. This means that access to the stream can be granted without knowledge of the password.
    Workaround: The only common platforms where this is a know issue are VLC and iPhone6, iOS 10.0.1, and using another platform prevents the issue.
  • The Analog-B source sometimes crosses its audio with other active audio sources.
    Workaround: Try rearranging audio sources and see if the problem persists. Alternatively, soft reboot of the system resolves the issue.

Affecting the Admin panel

  • It is possible to name two or more channels with the same value. Use of automatic file transfer and UPnP is unpredictable if this occurs.
    Workaround: Ensure each channel has a unique name.
  • The automatic file upload (AFU) file queue shows a maximum of 15 files, Newer 15 and Top of the list buttons do not work. All files are transfered, even though they are not listed.
    Workaround: Wait for the queue to have fewer files in the list.
  • Saving layout changes in a channel's layout editor and then immediately navigating to a different layout occasionally causes the second layout to temporarily malfunction.
    Workaround: Wait 1-2 seconds after pressing "Save" in the custom layout editor before performing further actions on the page. If the error has already occurred, simply refresh the page in your web browser to restore the malfunctioning layout.
  • Authentication to using DNS login will often fail for Windows Edge, and on Mac OS X 10.10 with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.
    Workaround: Use a different web browser such as Chrome or Internet Explorer, or use a different OS.
  • When using the Date and time section to synchronize the time using NTP selected as your protocol, using the name of the site as the Server IP Address will not sync the time properly.
    Workaround: You must instead use the IP address of the site you wish to use for the Network Time Protocol.

Affecting Epiphan Live

  • Streaming status on the Epiphan Live Dashboard interface does not include information regarding Wowza Streaming Cloud transcoder settings.
    Workaround: When streaming to Wowza, ensure the transcoder in the Wowza Streaming Cloud web interface is enabled.
  • The green and red borders around the "Preview" and "Live" areas in the Channel section are offset from the video by a few pixels.
    Workaround: The offset is cosmetic and does not affect your Live stream, so no workaround is required.
  • When using two or more layouts, the Switcher page in the Epiphan Live UI sometimes shows only part of the source.
    Workaround: This occurs when a layer in a layout has only one constraint per dimension. Return to the layout section and ensure that the dimensions of each layer are fully defined.

Affecting USB devices

  • For the Microsoft® LifeCam Studio web camera, changing any settings during the video while the Powerline frequency is set to 60 Hz causes the stream to end.
    Workaround: The fault is due to the specific camera's functionality. Set brightness as desired before starting your stream, or use a different brand of camera.
  • In the web camera settings page, two items in the powerline frequency drop-down menu are reversed. The command to move the frequency to 60 Hz moves it to Disabled, and vice-versa.
    Workaround: Use the command as reversed. This error is fixed in the following firmware release.
  • During long streams, an interlaced video streamed from an 4K video can sometimes distort.
    Workaround: Reconnecting the video grabber resolves the issue and returns the video to normal.

Affecting other areas

  • AFU status is sometimes inaccurately displayed in Epiphan Live and the Admin panel.
    Workaround: Perform occasional manual confidence monitoring/debugging on AFU queue to ensure files are being uploaded correctly.
  • When using Microsoft Edge web browser, Epiphan Live sometimes does not show the Preview stream, even after refreshing the page.
    Workaround: The root cause of the error is with Edge, so using a different browser eliminates the issue. If using Edge is necessary, closing the tab and reopening it resolves the issue.