VGADVI Recorder Pro User Guide
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Your VGADVI Recorder Pro can record the output from each channel and, using Recorders, it can also record multiple channels together in a single multi-track file.

Recording multiple channels at once ensures the recordings are started and stopped at the same time, resulting in perfect synchronization. Once the recording is complete, you can automatically use one of the system's file synchronization methods to copy it off the server, or you can use our built-in tool to split the file into individual tracks for post-processing.

You only need to create recorders for multi-track recordings. For single channel recordings, see Record a channel via the Admin panel.

See What is a recording? to learn how to create recordings and configure recording file sizes.

If you upgraded from a previous firmware release that included an all-in-one recorder, your all-in-one recorder is now listed under the Recorders section of the Admin panel. Your recordings are preserved and any URLs used to access the all-in-one recorder previously through the HTTP API correctly map to the new location.