VGADVI Recorder Pro User Guide
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Apply a configuration preset

When you apply a configuration preset, the system settings for all included configuration groups are updated. Other settings on the system are not affected. For example if you apply a preset that includes the configuration groups channels and automatic file upload, your network settings, passwords, time server, source configurations, etc are not modified. Similarly, if you apply a configuration preset that has only network settings included, only the network settings change.

If you apply a preset that has the network or system configuration group, a reboot is required. If you apply a preset that has the EDID configuration group, the system may appear unresponsive for a short time while it applies these EDIDs to the video grabbers.

You can verify which configuration groups are included in a preset by looking at the list to the right of the configuration preset name. The term 'all' means all groups are included. Otherwise groups are listed individually.

You may apply multiple presets one after another. If you apply two (or more) configuration presets that include a particular configuration group, the settings (for that group) from the last applied preset are the active settings. In short, last in wins.

To apply a configuration preset:

  1. Login to the Admin panel as admin. See Connect to the Admin panel.
  1. Select the Maintenance link in the Configuration menu; the maintenance page opens.
  2. Scroll to the Configuration presets section.
  3. Click the Apply button next to the configuration preset you wish to apply.

  1. The system asks for confirmation before proceeding.

If the configuration preset includes the network or system configuration groups, a reboot is necessary.

  1. Click OK to apply the configuration preset; the configuration preset is applied.
  2. The system reboots if needed.