VGADVI Recorder Pro User Guide
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Record with a recorder

Recorders can be stopped and started via the configuration page, the ability to Record channels and recorders (using One Touch control), and through Epiphan Live, and Multiple recorders and channel recordings can occur concurrently. This page gives instructions for controling Recorders via the Admin panel.

The number of channels being recorded is displayed below the recording stop/start buttons. To configure the channels being recorded, see Change the channels recorded by a recorder.

To start and stop recorder:

  1. Login to the Admin panel as admin or operator. See Connect to the Admin panel.
  1. Click the name of the desired recorder; the recorder configuration page appears.
  2. To start recording:

    1. Click the Start button; the recording starts and a timer indicates how long it has been recording.
    2. You may browse away from the page without affecting the recording. When the page refreshes, the recorder number is displayed in red to indicate recording is underway.

    1. The system continues to record this recorder (and any concurrent recordings) until it is stopped. If the system runs out of storage space, the oldest recorded file is deleted to make room for the new recording. The recording is broken into multiple files as defined by the recorder configuration.
  3. To stop recording:

    1. Click the Stop button on the given recorder's configuration page. The recorder number changes to black next time the Admin panel is refreshed (by clicking a link or refreshing the page).