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Epiphan Systems is a world leader in high resolution HDMI, SDI, VGA, DVI and audio/video capture, encoding, recording and streaming hardware. Backed by rock-solid customer support, our products allow you to capture, encode, record, stream and replay virtually any high­ resolution video signal.


Used extensively in a wide variety of areas including video re­cord­ing, medical imaging, webcasting and conference recording, Epiphan Systems’ products have received worldwide recognition from leading companies and organizations in the medical, security, education, transportation, industrial and IT fields.

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Use Epiphan products for applications that require a high level of precision and reliability.

Frame Grabbers are available in external USB, Ethernet, or capture card PCIe form factors and are used in screen capture applications that require capture, recording, or streaming using a computer.

Broadcasters and Recorders are stand-alone video capture appliances that stream and record high resolution displays, video and audio to a worldwide audience over the web, media servers, set top boxes, electronic signs using standard formats such as HTTP, RTMP, RTP over RTSP, UDP, MPEG-TS/UPnP, SAP.

Epiphan also manufactures hardware such as a VGA Splitter, a stand-alone printer from monitor images, and a portable KVM device.

Whether you are looking for a mission-critical screen capture solution or a casual use recording/streaming device, there's an Epiphan product that fits your needs. Browse the products above and see how simple and robust Epiphan products are!