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Video Capture

Video Grabbers Family

Epiphan’s comprehensive portfolio of video grabbers is the result of years of developing flexible and reliable products to address the needs of our customers and advances in audio visual communications.

We offer a wide range of portable, Ethernet or USB-based video grabbers and internal capture cards. Each is designed to capture signals from specific sources such as SDI, DVI and VGA, however most of our video grabbers can capture signals from just about any video source including HDMI.

Our capture tool provides a seamless interface to a wide range of industry standard encoding and streaming software. Choose to integrate our video grabbers into your existing environment or into one of Epiphan’s recording and streaming systems.

Streaming and Recording

Recording and Streaming Family

Epiphan is a world leader in high resolution HDMI, SDI, DVI and VGA video capture hardware. Our line of streaming and recording systems range from lightweight, portable appliances to scalable rack mountable systems.

Our field-proven recording and streaming devices are used to capture, record and stream input from just about any source with a video output port. Most products support multi-source picture in picture layouts and our professional products support multi-encoding allowing live streaming at one bit rate and recording at another.

From mission-critical radar systems to classroom lecture recording, the applications are limited only by your imagination.