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New for Nano: H.265 encoding and optional 4K add-on

April 13, 2022

Pearl Nano - H.265 + 4K

Firmware upgrade 4.16.0 for Pearl Nano is here, and includes two exciting new features. Download it today!

H.265/HEVC encoding

H.265/HEVC encoding can reduce your bandwidth requirement by half or double the quality of your stream at the same bandwidth. H.265 video files also don’t take up as much storage space. This reduces the need to buy more physical drives to store media, or paying for higher storage tiers if using the cloud.

4K add-on

Pearl Nano already empowers you to produce great-looking content. Add 4K streaming and recording to the mix and wow your audiences with stunning visual clarity. This add-on pairs nicely with Pearl Nano’s free H.265/HEVC encoding capabilities: H.265 can halve the size of your content while preserving the image quality that makes 4K video something to behold.

Pearl Nano 4K add-on

Power up Pearl Nano with 4K

Complete the one-time activation process to unlock the ability to stream and record in dazzling 4K.

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