Pearl Nano 4K feature add-on

Power up Pearl Nano with 4K streaming and recording

Pearl Nano already empowers you to produce great-looking content. Add 4K streaming and recording to the mix and wow your audiences with stunning visual clarity.

This add-on pairs nicely with Pearl Nano’s free H.265/HEVC encoding capabilities: H.265 can halve the size of your content while preserving the image quality that makes 4K video something to behold.

Input ports Output ports
Pearl Nano base 2 × HD + 1 IP 1 × HDMI, 1 × HDMI pass-through
Pearl Nano with 4K feature add-on 2 × 4K + 1 IP 1 × HDMI 4K, 1 × HDMI 4K pass-through

This is a feature add-on for Pearl Nano. The price is for the add-on only.

Add 4K capabilities and do more with Pearl Nano

How it works

You can purchase the Pearl Nano 4K feature add-on at any time. Then, complete the one-time activation process to start using the new functionality.