Pearl Nano 4K feature add-on

Power up Pearl Nano with 4K streaming and recording

Pearl Nano already empowers you to produce great-looking content. Add 4K streaming and recording to the mix and wow your audiences with stunning visual clarity.

This add-on pairs nicely with Pearl Nano’s free H.265/HEVC encoding capabilities: H.265 can halve the size of your content while preserving the image quality that makes 4K video something to behold.

Input ports Output ports
Pearl Nano base Full HD (HDMI, SDI, or IP) 1 × 1080p HDMI, 1 × HDMI pass-through
Pearl Nano with 4K feature add-on 4K (HDMI and SDI) 1 × 1080p HDMI, 1 × HDMI 4K pass-through

This is a feature add-on for Pearl Nano. The price is for the add-on only.

Add 4K capabilities and do more with Pearl Nano

How it works

You can purchase the Pearl Nano 4K feature add-on at any time. Then, complete the one-time activation process to start using the new functionality.