Smarter not harder

Master efficiency in live event video

Discover how live event professionals set up automated and efficient production workflows, and see how Pearl enhances these processes.

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Do more with less

  • automate

    Simplify at scale

    Ditch complex setups! Achieve easy automation and control for streamlined operations.

  • pearl

    The Pearl toolbox

    An expansive, yet intuitive video capture workflow that delivers power and flexibility.

  • Meet our expert guests

    Engage with seasoned live event pros ready to answer all your questions and share their insights.

Your expert hosts

Join the conversation with the Epiphan team and expert guests.

  • Erich Peters - Technical Lead, ETS- Media & Streaming Specialist

    Erich is an experienced event professional with over 25 years of experience developing creative solutions for unique and challenging projects, ensuring successful events for clients in the corporate, association, trade show, and concert industries.

  • Tim Kerbavaz - Technical Producer, Live Events

    With over 15 years in the event technology industry, Tim provides event technology consulting, Technical Direction, Technical Production, and Accessibility Engineering at events for some of the largest brands in the world. Tim offers technical consulting, strategic outsourcing, and technical direction and production management for agencies and AV Companies, and helps end clients navigate the complex world of event technology.

  • Dan Wallace - Director of Marketing, Video Innovation

    Dan Wallace is Epiphan's Director of Marketing and Video Innovation. He brings over 15 years experience as a creative professional specializing in video and production workflows.

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