Streaming and recording for continuing education programs

To increase reach and revenue streams beyond campus walls, many schools and companies branch out with online continuing education (CE) programs designed for professionals of all kinds. To keep these programs competitive and deliver the highest value to their consumers, schools need solid video capture, video streaming and recording solutions. Epiphan provides high-end video and lecture capture devices that empower schools to create high quality, consistently branded continuing education courses.

Epiphan Pearl

Create the courses your students need to succeed

Epiphan Pearl captures and records video from up to 4 HD sources. Use Pearl for recording and online streaming of 4 different layouts for online education programs that include live streaming sessions for remote participants.  And easily Pearl’s recorded lecture content with your existing learning management, content management system (LMS / CMS) or video post-processing and streaming software.

Importantly, Pearl is easy to set up and use. The fully comprehensive API (HTTP and RS-232) let you integrate with any type of existing infrastructure. Our customers find Pearl exceptionally reliable, easy to use and more flexible than its competitors. Get more for less with Pearl.

Pearl tech specs

**Pearl Rackmount Twin is comprised of two independent Pearl systems; each system is comprised of the items listed below.
Video Inputs Connectors (2) SDI
(2) HDMI™ / DVI1
(2) VGA
(1) USB video
Resolutions HDMI/DVI/SDI/USB up to 1920×1200
Custom HDMI/VGA modes
VESA modes: 640×480 to 2048×2048 (or 2650×1600)
HD Video Format Options 3G-SDI; HD-SDI; SD-SDI; DVI single link; HDMI; USB video
VGA: R, G, B plus separate HSync and VSync signals; R, G, B plus CSYNC signal; R, G, B with Sync-on-Green synchronization
Audio Input Connectors (4) ¼” balanced TRS audio: two stereo pairs left/right by default (or four mono ports)
SDI2, HDMI, USB audio (a single UAC or UVC device only)
Video Display Screen Video confidence monitoring through on-board touch screen
Video Output Ports Connectors (2) Mini DisplayPort with audio for local video display or larger confidence monitoring
Audio Output Connectors 3.5 mm audio jack for audio confidence monitoring with speakers or headphones
Built-in Display Front touch screen display for live switching, confidence monitoring, quick configuration, system information and recording control
Video Switching Layout switching during live streaming and recording using the touch screen or the web UI
Video Encoding Video Codecs H.264, Motion JPEG
Video Bit Rates 100 – 9,999 kbit/sec
Key Frame Intervals Programmable
Color Resolution 4:2:0
Output Frame Size Configurable up to 3840×2160
Frame Rates (per output stream) Capacity for four simultaneous 1080p output streams at 30 fps, or two at 60 fps. 4K frame size at a lower frame rate.
Audio Encoding Audio Codecs
(stereo or mono)
Encoder Bitrate Sample Frequencies
MP3 64-192kbps 22 kHz, 44 kHz, 48 kHz
PCM 22 kHz, 44 kHz, 48 kHz
AAC 64-192kbps 16 kHz, 22 kHz, 44 kHz, 48 kHz
Network Interfaces Connector (1) 10/100/1000 Ethernet RJ45
Streams FLV, ASF, MPEG-TS,
Publish to Streaming Server / CDN (RTMP, RTSP)
HLS – Native Apple HTTP stream for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
Multicast Streams RTP, MPEG-TS & RTP and MPEG-TS over UDP
Network Discovery / Announce UPnP, SAP
Video/Audio Recording and File Management Internal Storage Portable model: 1 TB HDD
Rackmount models: 512 GB SSD
Automatically removes oldest recordings from internal storage as space is required.
File maintenance through admin interface (Web UI)
Local Storage Automatic or manual copy to local USB drives via the 2 rear-mounted USB 2.0 ports (rackmount models have an additional front-mounted USB 2.0 port)
Network Storage FTP server and FTP client capabilities (automatic and manual)
SFTP, SCP, RSYNC and CIFS synchronization
Playback and Recorded Formats Download recorded videos (AVI, MP4, MOV or MPEG-TS) using the Web UI and playback through any compatible player.
Administration Web UI for full administration. On-screen display and mobile UI for confidence monitoring and simple administration.
API Integration Included API for integration into existing environments (executed via HTTP or RS-232). RS-232 API integration requires a USB to RS-232 adapter (not included).
Time Synchronization NTP, TIME (RFC 868), PTP v1 (IEEE-1588-2002 V1)
Product Dimensions Pearl: 10⅝” x 3¼” x 7⅜” (270 mm x 82 mm x 187 mm)
Pearl Rackmount: 19⅝” x 3½” x 10⅝” (498 mm x 89 mm x 270 mm)
Pearl Rackmount Twin: 19⅝” x 3½” x 10⅝” (498 mm x 89 mm x 270 mm)
Product Weight Pearl: 3.4 lbs (1.54kg)
Pearl Rackmount: 12.1 lbs (5.5 kg)
Pearl Rackmount Twin: 14.6 lbs (6.6 kg)
Country of Origin Made in North America (Canada)
1Using HDMI port, with the supplied adapter
2SD-SDI audio is not supported
3SD-SDI audio is not supported
4A portion of the hard drive space (approximately 100 MB) is reserved for system use. Recording space can be virtually unlimited with offload to networked storage.

Quick facts about Epiphan products

  • Reliable – 24/7 performance
  • No fees & cost efficient
  • Simple to setup
  • Works with your CMS or LMS
  • Integrates with existing infrastructure
  • Amazing video quality
  • World class support
  • Easy to use by faculty

Thinking big and thinking small

In addition to all-in-one systems like Pearl, Epiphan has video grabbers and capture cards that are perfect for compact and remote lecture capture. For example, these devices allow professors to run office hours with live HD-quality video chat from their homes. Professors and TAs can also use them to record HD videos from sources outside the classroom environment for upload to the course page.

Epiphan’s Lecture Recorder x2 is perfect for smaller scale lecture capture solutions, and the VGA Grid is used for larger scale lecture recording that have more than four simultaneous inputs.

Find out why over 1600 educational institutions use our solutions.