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How to share a remote display with a control room display wall

July 13, 2015

How to share a remote display with a control room display wall image
Many control room video wall applications require visibility of remote system displays, remote cameras or displays that are part of another control room display wall. Epiphan products can be used to share a live view of remote display source that may be interesting to the control room situation being observed.

Share Live View of Remote Cameras and Displays with the Control Room

VGADVI Broadcaster‘s built in converter/splitter provides a non obtrusive intercept of the audio visual source without any change to the system being shared, and does not require any software to install. VGADVI Broadcaster is simply connected to the output of the remote video source and a video stream URL is provided to the control room operator. When the control room operator opens the URL they can see the live view output from the remote camera or display on their control room display wall.

Epiphan system integration partners have also automated the on/off mechanisms for streaming so that the remote can turn streaming on and off based on security policies or approval procedures. VGADVI Broadcaster also has an optional SD camera interface that can be used to add an additional picture in picture video channel for remote monitoring.

Provide Live Views of Multiple Control Room Display Sharing

Click here for more information on VGADVI Broadcaster streaming for video wall to video wall displays

Encode and Stream Multiple Displays – Share Across Remote Control Room

Epiphan VGA Grid takes the remote control room video wall sharing to next level by capturing, recording and streaming multiple remote video wall sources. Each of these sources can be streamed and recorded individually, providing higher encoding density than using independent VGADVI Broadcasters. VGA Grid also has the ability to create multiple output channels, where each channel can be any picture in picture matrix combination of the video sources. Each channel can be shared as independent video streams URL viewed live between control rooms. VGA Grid HD Encoders are centrally managed and synchronize on a common clock source to provide a complete view of the mission or incident – synchronized in time.

Additional Features for this central control room include:

  • Centralized Control and Management of Remote Displays with VGA Grid
  • Create Collaboration streams views across and between control rooms
  • Record some, or all of the remote displays in various picture with picture matrix views
  • Record all Control Room displays in a single multi-track audio-video file
  • Sync Streams on common clock with Epiphan’s special algorithms that deal with network drift delay
  • Create Multiple Output Channels with various Picture with Picture Matrix Views for live view and recording

VGADVI Broadcaster Encodes Video Displays for Jupiter Systems Canvas Video Wall Controller

Jupiter Systems ™ video wall controllers also support the ingestion of video sources from VGADVI Broadcaster encoding.

VGADVI Broadcaster Encodes Video Displays for Genetec Omnicast and Milestone

Genetec Omnicast and Milestone also uses VGADVI Broadcaster to encode video display sources and make them look like cameras to the security system monitoring and recording systems. Read more about this solution.