Pearl Nexus

Capture with confidence, every time

Plays nice with everything

Designed with flexibility in mind, Nexus fits at the center of video workflows, seamlessly integrated with all of the hardware and software used in professional AV environments.

Seamless integrations

The most flexible recording and streaming appliance for automating video in any space

  • crestron

    Integrate your Pearl into any Crestron space using the Crestron-developed Control Module

  • Q-sys

    Bring streaming and recording to any Q-SYS space with the secure Q-SYS plugin for Pearl

  • extron

    Pearl Mini is the most capable streaming and recording system that integrates with Extron

  • Panopto

    Sync all of your recordings to your Panopto folders automatically

  • yuja

    Streamline your YuJa video workflows with Pearl hardware

  • opencast

    Design the ideal OpenCast lecture capture system

  • kaltura

    Bring ease of use and wider adoption of your Kaltura CMS with automated video capture

Easy to manage at scale

Managing hundreds of devices from a centralized hub has never been easier. Epiphan’s cloud-based fleet management platform gives you faster device deployment, easy maintenance, and guaranteed uptime.

  • Full remote access
  • Live switching and production from the cloud
  • Real-time alerting of any issues

Make every video an experience

Get creative with fully custom layouts, switching, branding, and graphics for exceptional content.


  • Easy custom layouts

    Get creative with any arrangement of video inputs, graphics, text, and media into custom layouts.

  • Media playback

    Add video content to your layouts or elevate your production value with motion video backgrounds.

  • Switching

    Create dynamic events by switching between layouts using the easy-to-use, web-based switcher UI.

  • Professional graphics

    Pearl has seamless integration with tools like Singular.Live, Uno, and Flowics for stunning graphics.

  • Dynamic text

    Use dynamic text for timestamps, GPS, or other relevant data to support your content.

  • Remote guests

    Bring in remote guests for a hybrid event through SRT, Zoom, or Teams

Secure live streaming and control

Stream using the latest protocols, and get your content everywhere it needs to go, securely.


Digital certificate management

Pearl Nexus supports PEAP, EAP-TLS, and EAP-TTLS authentication access control methods on 802.1x networks using passwords, usernames, and digital certificates. Easily upload and manage digital certificates on Pearl Nexus via the Admin panel.

Role-based access control and LDAP support

Log in to Pearl Nexus with administrator, operator, or viewer privileges. LDAP authentication support lets you define domain name (DN) groups to assign user roles in bulk to let users log in with their LDAP credentials.

Secure streaming

Get end-to-end secure streaming with up to 256-bit AES encryption using SRT, encrypt content over TLS/SSL connections with RTMPS, or use HLS for secure live streaming over HTTPS.

HTTPS and SFTP secure data transport

Securely access the Admin panel and configure Pearl Nexus over an HTTPS connection. Encrypt and send sensitive recordings from the system to offsite SFTP servers using Automatic File Upload.

“Lecture Capture is everything right now… Faculty are saying ‘Hey, I want that in my classroom.’”

Frank Alaimo, Manager of Classroom Technology Services, UNLV


Success is in the finer details

Learn why Pearl is the most award-winning recording and streaming product in the industry.

Configuration presets

Quickly apply settings to Pearl Nexus and reconfigure on the fly for a consistent setup every time. You can even download a configuration preset and upload it to another Pearl Nexus system.

AV sync

Adjust AV synchronization on each video input from -300 ms to 300 ms and instantly preview the results.

USB camera control

Control the contrast, brightness, saturation, and other settings of connected USB webcams from Pearl’s Admin panel.

Built-in EDID compatibility

Pearl Nexus features a robust, factory-set Extended Display Identification Data (EDID), ensuring video input ports correctly emulate a monitor for the connected source. The system also supports custom EDIDs.

Local Admin panel

No need to bring along a laptop to configure Pearl Nexus. Connect a USB mouse, keyboard, and HDMI monitor for easy Admin panel access. You can even use a touchscreen monitor for added ease.

On-air status light

Connect a USB status light* to signal when streaming or recording is underway.

API and RS-232

Pearl Nexus features comprehensive HTTP/HTTPS and RS-232 APIs for third-party integrations.

Time sync

Use an NTP (RFC 868) or PTP v1 (IEEE-1588-2002 V1) server to synchronize the time the system uses for timestamps and labeling recordings, or set the system time manually.

*User-supplied. Select models from kuando Busylight and Delcom Products are supported.

Meet your new problem solver, Pearl Nexus

Simplify video capture, streaming, and recording

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Power your productions with Epiphan solutions

Epiphan products simplify video production with a host of advanced features along with professional-grade construction and components – all backed by rock-solid customer support.

  • Pearl-2

    Flagship model with up to 6 encoded channels

  • Pearl Mini

    Touchscreen and up to 3 encoded channels

  • Pearl Nexus

    Up to 3 encoded channels in a 1RU form factor

  • Pearl Nano

    Portable 4K single-channel encoder