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Pearl-2 + Zoom Rooms NDI: A better way to capture sources directly from Zoom

July 22, 2021

Zoom just added native NDI (Network Device Interface) support to Zoom Rooms, opening up some exciting possibilities for your meetings, webinars, and other Zoom-powered productions. It’s also great news for Pearl-2 users. Now the system can receive sources directly from your Zoom Room via NDI, which means high-quality participant audio and video inputs for your productions.

The setup is quite simple. You’ll need a Pearl-2, a Zoom Rooms license, and a computer system running the Zoom Rooms app. Both systems will also need to be on the same network to communicate with each other over IP. Next, follow the steps below or watch our quick tutorial video:

  1. Enable NDI in Zoom Rooms
  2. Start test meeting to configure the initial NDI inputs into Pearl-2
  3. Using the Zoom Rooms controller, under “view,” pin up to three participants via NDI
  4. Add inputs to the Pearl-2
  5. Set up custom layouts on Pearl-2 that incorporate the Zoom NDI outputs

That’s it! You are ready to produce your event using Zoom Rooms NDI and Pearl-2.