Epiphan’s Pearl encoders enable you to broadcast without barriers

Epiphan hardware encoders are designed to meet your demanding video production needs. Our encoders ensure your next town hall, webinar, training video, or virtual event deliver a memorable experience with broadcast quality video.

Epiphan Pearl products for video encoding, broadcasting and streaming

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Epiphan Pearl encoders for enterprise video production

It’s not just an investment in video, it’s an investment in creating world-class experiences

Video production equipment is an investment like anything else – and a daunting one when the buying decision is yours to make or influence. Epiphan hardware encoders pay off with long life spans, feature-packed updates, and the flexibility to evolve with your business’s AV needs. Our award winning Pearl products allow you to create broadcast quality experiences for your audience.

Built to suite your video production needs

  • Epiphan Pearl for training video production

    Onboarding and training

    Enable everyone in your company to create video walkthroughs of your processes, products, and services for efficient training and onboarding. Ensure your training collateral is on brand, professional, and informative. 

  • Epiphan Pearl for townhalls and meetings

    Company town halls

    Stream town hall meetings to include employees who work remotely. Record at the same time for later reference. Showcase your staff like the superstars they are. 

  • Epiphan Pearl for conference and event production

    Virtual conferences

    Pull off first-rate digital conferences. Bring in guest speakers from anywhere in the world with Secure Reliable Transport (SRT). Create memorable experiences that will leave lasting impressions. 

  • Epiphan Pearl for producing video webinars


    Stream to multiple content delivery networks at once with professional-quality video and audio. Deliver high impact content across various channels to create an engaging experience.  

  • Epiphan Pearl for delivering executive briefings to employees

    Executive messages

    Easily shoot and distribute video messages to add a human touch and engage employees across your company. Create broadcast quality events that will entice, inspire, and motivate your company. 

  • Epiphan Pearl's simplistic UI for production

    UX and usability testing

    Record testers and device screens simultaneously. Build custom, multi-source layouts with info-rich overlays. Have your brand front and center of every production and make it truly yours. 

Envirosight created a top-notch production environment for interactive remote training with Pearl 2


Envirosight uses Epiphan Pearl to create engaging training video material


“The footprint of the Pearl-2 is amazing for what it puts out. We’ve used every input on the Pearl-2, from lavalier and shotgun mics to PTZ and web cameras. Everything just works”

Jim Adams, Director of Product Management at Envirosight

Find the Pearl that meets your video needs

Select from multiple models to find an ideal fit for any office space or enterprise video application. There’s a perfect Epiphan Pearl to support your needs. Discover how our Pearl line allows you to broadcast without barriers.

View our products

  • Epiphan offers a Pearl 2, Pearl Mini, and Pearl Nano

    Multiple models

    Capabilities range from a simplified streamer and recorder to an all-in-one system with advanced features like chroma key and NDI. Whether its our robust Epiphan Pearl 2 or the small but mighty Pearl Nano our encoders are designed to meet your needs.

  • Epiphan works with your existing AV hardware

    Comprehensive I/O

    Directly connect a variety of video and professional audio sources to the device, or bring in networked inputs. Works with your existing AV hardware to deliver a seamless end-to-end production process.

  • Epiphan Pearl's simplistic UI for production

    Consistent UI

    Minimize confusion with a consistent user experience across a diverse line of products. No matter which Epiphan Pearl you choose, our UI and user experience remains the same. Ease of use is a huge priority for us.

Pearl is designed to support your evolving production needs

With no vendor lock-ins, walled gardens, or proprietary protocols, Epiphan devices will work with your AV environment however it changes. Pearl fits in with your existing production set-up and will support your ever changing production needs. 

  • Epiphan Pearl has open API to work with other hardware and software such as controllers

    Open API

    Develop custom integrations with Crestron systems and other third-party controllers to streamline your workflows even further.

  • Epiphan Pearl supports protocols like SRT, HLS, and MPEG-DASH

    Broad streaming protocol support

    Choose the streaming protocol that fits your setup best, including modern ones like SRT, HLS, and MPEG-DASH.

  • Epiphan Pearl allows you to leverage external storage devices

    Flexible recording and storage

    Record multiple channels and send files to a USB drive, internal storage, local server, or network-attached storage device.

Cloud-enabled production, broadcast-quality results for Epiphan Pearl

Power up Pearl with Epiphan Cloud™

Access and control Pearl from anywhere with Epiphan Cloud’s powerful remote production capabilities:

  • Full remote access to every Pearl feature, including live switching
  • Shared accounts for collaboration with distant team members
  • Centralized dashboard for convenient device configuration and monitoring
  • Real-time alerting of any production issue

Power your productions with Epiphan Pearl

Epiphan products simplify video production with professional-grade builds and components – all backed by rock-solid customer support and continuous feature updates.

Pearl-2 in Palo Alto arts center

“[Pearl] was very easy to whitelist. Also, thanks to the secure remote access capabilities, I could fully configure the device remotely without ever needing to leave my office.”

Parag Kumar, Technical director

Curious which Epiphan Pearl is the right one for you?

Book a meeting with an Epiphan product specialist. We’ll take the time to get an understanding of your video needs, production procedures, and your content aspirations. Our specialists are dedicated to understanding your video production ambitions. Our goal is to not only to ensure you deliver memorable experiences today, but that you’re ready to face your ever evolving video needs.