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Have better Skype calls

5 simple ways to improve your Skype calls

Do you use Skype™ (or Skype Tx™) for professional meetings, interviews or in any situation where it’s important that you look good? How you appear on-camera during Skype calls has considerable effect on your perceived professionalism and credibility.

Remote Technical Support

A better way to do remote support

As founder of Epiphan, I’ve always been interested in our customer feedback to develop new features and products. Whether the need has been for higher resolution video capture, increased frame rate or integrated streaming, we’ve designed new and updated products to help our customers succeed.

DVI & HDMI Audio

HDMI audio over DVI?!? How does that work?

In pre-sales, we get this question almost daily from prospective customers: Can Epiphan grabbers really capture HDMI audio through a DVI port? The answer is yes! And no, it is not magic or proprietary.

Windows 10

Epiphan Welcomes Windows 10

At Epiphan Video we make it a priority to stay on top of the latest technological advances, and the release of Windows 10 is no exception.

In the past few months, our development and QA teams have been hard at work ensuring all of our products, devices and software are fully compatible with Microsoft’s latest OS – and we’re happy to report that everything will be on track for the release of Windows 10 (a staggered release beginning on July 29, 2015)