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You can order Pearl Nexus directly from our website or from our global network of certified dealers

All Pearl systems share similar functionality to capture, record, and stream video. Pearl Nexus, being a 1ru rackmount form factor, makes it the ideal capture appliance for fixed installations such as AV racks or classroom lecturns.

With similar encoding capabilities as Pearl Mini, Nexus is designed to capture, stream, and record up to 3 1080p video signals. Nexus has a 1 TB SSD pre-installed for local recording.

Yes, Pearl Nexus is a video encoder that can function as a standalone recording and streaming device, or act as a contribution encoder for Panopto, Kaltura, and Yuja.

Nexus’ local admin panel can be accessed by logging into the device using a computer on the same network. Alternately, Epiphan Edge™ allows customers to remotely configure their Pearl devices, and even schedule events for automatic recording and streaming.

Nexus integrates into popular touch panels systems like Crestron, Q-SYS, or Extron for easy in room controls. Users can use Pearl’s APIs to integrate with larger systems.

Pearl Nexus can capture up to 3 Full HD 1080p sources. You can connect sources to Pearl Nexus over HDMI, USB, or SDI ports.

Pearl Nexus has a 1 TB SSD to store local recordings.

Yes. There’s an HDMI OUT port on the rear panel of Pearl Nexus that can be used to send a channel or video source to a local display or projector. The channel’s embedded audio is also sent through the video output port. You can also show a multiview.

Yes. Pearl Nexus supports connection of a single USB status light that indicates when recording or streaming is in progress. Select models of USB status lights from BusyLight and Delcom Products are supported:

  • Kuando BusyLight models: UC Alpha and UC Omega
  • Delcom Products USB HID single color and multi-color signal indicators

Yes! Pearl Nexus has a custom layout editor that lets you build the channel layout to look exactly the way you want.

Combine video capture from your sources with images used for backgrounds, logos and overlays (transparent PNG is supported). Add text or time stamp overlays as well add metadata to the file to tag it with your company name.

Free firmware updates are accessible for any device paired to an Epiphan Edge™ team, enabling cloud-based control, or through the local admin UI on your device.