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Is KVM2USB 3.0 compatible with earlier USB versions?

Yes. KVM2USB 3.0 is backwards compatible with USB 2.0 and even supports USB 1.x. However, keep in mind that these older USB formats are slower and have less bandwidth available for your captured video. For example, USB 1.x buses support a very slow data transfer rate of 12 Mbps and USB 2.0 buses have a transfer rate of 480 Mbps. For best performance, use your KVM2USB 3.0 with the USB 3.0 ports on your laptop.

How many frames per second can KVM2USB 3.0 capture?

KVM2USB 3.0 supports signals up to 1080p at 60 frames per second. Note that what you see in your monitor depends on your monitor’s resolution and refresh rate, as well as the processing speed of your computer that’s acquiring the images.

Does KVM2USB 3.0 reduce the resolution of the images it captures in order to transfer it over the USB bus?

No. KVM2USB 3.0 captures and transfers every pixel of the original signal.

The video resolution that I'm using isn't included in the list of supported modes. Can KVM2USB 3.0 capture it?

Yes. KVM2USB 3.0 supports custom resolutions. Please refer to the users guide for more details.

Can I connect two or more KVM2USB 3.0 to one computer and capture signals simultaneously? What is the resulting rate of capture for each connected device?

Yes, you can connect two or more KVM2USB 3.0 devices and capture multiple signals simultaneously. You will need to run the KVM2USB 3.0 application for each attached KVM2USB 3.0 device. However, you will notice a difference in frame rate as you attach each additional (active) KVM2USB 3.0. The higher the performance of your computer, the better the resulting frame rate will be.

My system doesn't allow me to hot-plug a keyboard or mouse. How can I use KVM2USB 3.0?

Yes. Just shut down your computer system and attach the KVM2USB 3.0. When you restart your system with KVM2USB 3.0 connected, your system should detect the device.

I have an international keyboard. Can I use IME (Input Method Editor) with KVM2USB 3.0?

By default KVM2USB 3.0 emulates a US keyboard. However, if you are using non-US keyboard almost all keys will work. You can use IME if you map IME activation key to different keystrokes on local and remote PCs.


These downloads give you access to the latest developments for your device. Load this firmware onto your KVM2USB 3.0.


KVM2USB 3.0 firmware
Operating system: Windows and Linux

Download version 4.0.0


KVM Application

Use the KVM App to view and control your target computer. Works with Windows and Linux hosts.


KVM2USB 3.0 capture configuration tool
Operating system: Windows 10

Download version 0.99.27


KVM2USB 3.0 capture configuration tool
Operating system: Linux Ubuntu 16.04 or higher

Download version 0.99.26