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No! HD+ is a UVC-based capture device meaning there is no software for you to install. Just plug it into your computer and you should see it as an available source, similar to using a webcam.

Videoconferencing applications like Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet will recognize HD+ as a camera source. Most video capture and live streaming applications like VLC, OBS, Quicktime will work with HD+.

Yes! Download the Config software to change the EDID, enable/disable special capture frame sizes, rename the device, configure audio mix/gain, and update firmware on your HD+ device.

Yes, HD+ is capable of capturing video from a DVI source with the use of a passive DVI to HDMI adapter or a passive DVI to HDMI cable.

Yes, HD+ is capable of capturing video from a VGA source with the use of an active VGA to HDMI converter (sold separately).

Yes. HD+ can capture unencrypted images and video from DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort and Thunderbolt outputs. In order to capture video from these formats, the appropriate converter cable must be purchased separately. HD+ cannot save captured video as a movie on its own, but compatible third-party video capture applications have the ability to do so. HD+ is compatible with both USB 3.0 (recommended) and USB 2.0 USB interfaces. HD+ can capture at 60 fps at any resolution up to 1080p or 1920×1200 unless the application specifies a different frame rate.

That depends! For example, the source input resolution is smaller or larger than the output resolution selected by the third-party application in use, then capture resolution will be affected accordingly. HD+ is designed to work with all UVC-friendly operating systems, specifically Windows 10 and higher, Mac (x10.10 and up), and Linux (kernel 3.5.0 or higher). Unfortunately, operating systems not listed may have poor support or no support at all for USB 3.0 and UVC-based capture hardware.

Yes, changing video sources will not negatively impact the capture signal.

Yes. Using Config, you can configure HD+ to specify the exact resolution of your input signal.

Yes, you can connect multiple HD+ devices to the same computer.

No, HD+ uses uncompressed video format. HD+ will have occasional firmware updates. Customers who have registered their HD+ will be notified via e-mail of any new firmware upgrades. Register here. HD+ has near-zero latency. However, third-party applications may cause additional capture delay.


These downloads give you access to the latest developments for your device. You can load this firmware onto your device using the Config tool. You can learn the full process for updating Firmware in our user guide.  
Firmware operating system: All

Configuration tool

For most uses, the configuration tool is not required. However, it is necessary for installing new firmware, and for advanced usages such as creating custom resolutions.
Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 11 64-bit
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