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Configuration preset support: What’s new in Epiphan Cloud

May 28, 2021

Epiphan Cloud: Configuration presets, now in the cloud

With release 2.3, we’re adding configuration presets for a huge advantage when remotely managing Pearl devices from Epiphan Cloud.

  • Instantly reconfigure one or multiple Pearl devices at the same time without hassle
  • Right-the-first-time configuration setups that any remote team member can apply to Pearl
  • Easily change Pearl’s configuration for faster event setups

This Epiphan Cloud update makes remotely managing your fleet of Pearl devices even easier. Apply a specific group of settings to one or more Pearl devices in seconds using a configuration preset while leaving other important settings intact. Upload existing presets from Pearl or create a new one. It’s never been easier to configure your fleet of Pearl devices on the fly.

Reconfigure using a local Pearl configuration preset

Conveniently reconfigure your Pearl device remotely and ensure a consistent set up each time. With your Pearl paired to Epiphan Cloud, you get remote access to all presets that are configured locally on the device. Simply select the preset you want and apply it. You can even upload a local configuration preset from Pearl to the cloud so it can be applied to other Pearls of the same model.

Reconfigure using a local Pearl configuration preset

Flexible configuration preset creation

Need a specific setup but don’t already have a preset for it? Create one using the currently selected Pearl system as the source. On the Presets tab, click to create a preset and choose any combination of configuration group settings you want. Select custom channel layouts with graphics, encoding settings, output settings, network settings – whatever group of settings you need. The new configuration preset is saved locally to Pearl.

Reconfigure one or many devices

Easily reconfigure multiple Pearl devices of the same model at the same time from the Devices Dashboard. Whether you choose a group of devices or select ungrouped devices, if they’re the same model of Pearl device you can apply a preset to them all at the same time.

Reconfigure one or many devices

Configuration presets coming to Epiphan Cloud in update 2.3

We’re excited about this upcoming feature and hope you will enjoy using configuration presets. Let us know what you think.

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