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Recording multiple radars, navigation equipment screens, and transport monitoring screens is easily done using VGA Recorder and VGA Grid. VGA Grid works by taking the signal from multiple devices and monitors (audio, video, VGA, DVI, and HDMI) and relaying them to a single control panel where the channels can be viewed, archived, or broadcast over LAN or the Internet. VGA Grid allows for the monitoring of up to 256 channels.

  Air Craft Control, Incident Investigation and Training Using Epiphan VGA Grid & DVI2USB DuoHolland's National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) performs research to develop new technologies for aviation and space travel. NLR is using Epiphan's VGA Grid with DVI2USB Duo inside to record all air traffic movements from aircrafts approaching the national airport Schiphol...  Read more »»
  Capturing ATC/ATM Audio Video and Displays with VGA GridAs the world population becomes ever more interconnected, the demand for air travel and more advanced air traffic management (ATM) equipment will only increase. There is no room for error in such specialized field of expertise as air traffic control (ATC).  Specialists working in the areas of Air traffic management and air traffic control need to use up-to-date and high-performance technology to function successfully. The complexity of ATM systems requires sophisticated technical...  Read more »»