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Made for high precision applications where a VGA signal needs to be cloned into two signals, Epiphan's VGA Splitter has many advantages over conventional active VGA splitters. It is able to handle extremely high resolutions and refresh rates (up to 85Hz), and has a fault tolerant output port that is active even during a power failure, making Epiphan's VGA Splitter ideal for mission-critical applications.

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  VGA Splitter Allows Displaying Radar Image on Two Screens Air traffic radar allows the ground control team to direct aircrafts in the air and on land. Air traffic controllers use the information provided by radars to keep aircraft separated. Separation can be performed in three possible dimensions – longitudinally, laterally and vertically. Air traffic radar enables computations of super-precision that are required for decision making. Controllers directed by the system determine which commands should be sent to direct aircraft properly...  Read more »»