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VGA Grid is a solution that can broadcast images and video from multiple screens, such as radars and navigation equipment to a single control panel. VGA Grid can accept VGA, DVI, video, HDMI, and audio signals. Through a convenient web interface, it is possible to view all captured channels on one screen, zoom in on a single video signal, and even archive and save each of the channels.

  Air Traffic ControlThere are thousands of aircrafts operating around the globe every hour. Only in USA at any given moment there are about 5, 000 aircrafts in the skies. It is evident that performing all these activities requires usage of up-to-date and high-precision equipment which principal component is the air traffic control radar system. Radar recording systems record and display the incoming data for...  Read more »»
  VGA Grid Provides Live Broadcasting from Multiple Cameras in Traffic Monitoring SystemsIn road traffic management, the provision of accurate, up-to-date, and detailed quantitative information on traffic movement is essential. Road Traffic Monitoring systems process information captured by cameras located along highways and commuting routes. It allows the operators to view highways surface, traffic volumes and weather conditions. Epiphan’s VGA Grid is capable of broadcasting and recording video signals...  Read more »»