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Epiphan's frame grabbers are video capture devices that can capture any VGA or DVI signal with a resolution of up to 2048×2048. It is able to achieve frame rates of up to 30fps when dealing with computer-generated images. Compressing the stream on-the-fly, these devices transfer video and still frames using a USB 2.0 interface and can be integrated into a custom solution using the included software or SDK.

  Capture and Broadcast High-quality Images from Traffic Cameras Using DVI2USB Duo Authorities are expanding their efforts to use more efficient devices to better manage and monitor traffic as well as get real-time information. Various intelligent transportation systems are common along major arteries in urban areas. There is no wonder that their number has skyrocketed in recent years. Thousands of overhead traffic cameras and in-road traffic sensors are constantly capturing photographs, video and traffic data on major roads all over the world. This information...  Read more »»
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  Broadcast Flight Routes to Aircraft Cockpits with Epiphan VGA2EthernetThe National Suborbital Education and Research Center (NSERC) was formed jointly by NASA and the University of North Dakota. NSERC, a unit of UND's Northern Great Plains Center for People and the Environment, operate's NASA's DC-8 flying research laboratory. The laboratory is operated as a national facility which is capable of conducting research anywhere in the global atmosphere. NSERC allows educators, researchers, and...  Read more »»
  Capture Radar & ECDIS Images for Sea Surveillance Using Epiphan VGA2USB Sea surveillance demands advanced performance from for marine radar equipment. These systems should be able to detect a broad range of targets such as supertankers, submarines, and inflatable boats. To perform this task and detect targets of multiple sizes in various weather conditions (including all possible sea states), sea surveillance radar systems use frequency agility, pulse compression for reducing signal clutter. Due to digital processing, radar systems can classify...  Read more »»
  Record and Review Air Traffic Control Data Using Epiphan frame grabbers Air traffic control is a highly specialized field of expertise with no room for error. Air traffic controllers therefore require reliable, up-to-date technology to perform their work. The complexity of ATM systems requires sophisticated technical solutions. Staff training on ATC simulations that are capable of reproducing the live situations is more and more essential.Modern air traffic management (ATM) systems are expected to offer a complete solution that incorporates latest...  Read more »»