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Lecture Recorder is a small internet appliance the size of a paperback book that can capture audio, video, VGA, DVI, and HDMI. Designed specifically for educational institutions and conference halls, Lecture Recorder has no licensing or maintenance fees associated with the use of the device. Furthermore, it can capture the image from any computer, embedded device, medical device, or camera.

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  Distance Learning is Closer to Reality with VGADVI RecorderTraditionally distance learning provides access to instructional programs for learners who are separated by physical location and time from an instructor. In former times distance learning has been thought of as prepackaged text, audio, and video courses taken by a student with limited interaction with a lecturer. This perspective is changing. Today the Internet and information technologies allow rich interactive distance learning experiences that are able to surpass the interactivity...  Read more »»
  Record and Stream Presentations and Lectures with VGADVI RecorderThere are many advantages of recording presentations and lectures. They make the material available to those who were not present. Participants can be fully engaged without having to worry about taking notes. Review and reinforcement is provided for new and difficult concepts. If you make recordings available on a specialized website, it can increase its usefulness to members, and generate interest in joining the organization. There are different techniques that allow creating...  Read more »»
  Recording Lectures and Other Educational Content with VGADVI Recorder Video and audio recording of lectures is not a new phenomenon any more. Different video recording appliances have been used to deliver lectures or other educational content. Significant recent advances in image capturing technology have led to a growing interest in the use of lecture recordings in education. Nowadays lecture capture has become of interest to the wider education community. Improved capabilities of Internet connections allow recording to be delivered as digital...  Read more »»